The recently launched Nintendo Switch has put Nintendo back to the top. It is one of the best selling gaming consoles and the list of games for the same is never-ending. Some of the fans of the switch are expecting an upgrade for the gaming console. The upgrade for the console is not coming for time being.

Nintendo is good in keeping its projects under the wraps as there is no leak about the Nintendo new consoles. The Switch revision has come from a fan who has mined 5.0 firmware update and it led to the discovery of hardware update named “Mariko.” Mariko is expected to switch the current NVIDIA Tegra 210 with Tegra 21. It is a minor update and this chip is said to be less vulnerable to hacking. The new Switch will be doubling the RAM from 4GB to 8GB and increase the storage to 64GB.

This update is like an update for smartphone or tablet. The switch is like a 7-inch tablet with its own custom Bluetooth controllers. That is the reason why some gamers are expecting an update on the Switch. This is Nintendo and this company is not like Apple or Samsung. The company is quick in churning out consoles. The Switch has some flaws but it is fine overall and it gives Nintendo very little incentive to put the new model and make it compete with itself. We can see some cultural changes in Nintendo and it could lead to faster iteration for its hardware. If Mariko is coming then we can expect a new Nintendo Switch in 2019.