University degree, employer, religion: US MP admits to lying on CV

Abroad George Santos

Graduate, employer, religion – US congressman admits to lying on CV

“I’m sorry,” said Jorge Santos

Source: AP/John Locher

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New York Congressman-elect George Santos lied about several things on his application. In an interview, the Republican admits he “embellished” his CV. He still wants to keep his mandate.

EA newly elected US congressman from New York denied his successful campaign by falsely declaring his education and work experience. “My sins here have embellished my resume,” said George Santos “New York Post” In an interview on Monday. “forgive me”.

Last week, the “New York Times” first raised doubts about the life story of the 34-year-old Republican who served during his election campaign. He said he graduated from Baruch College in New York. However, when asked, the university said it could not confirm this.

Now Santos had to admit that he did not receive a higher education in any institution. He was embarrassed, he explained, and added: “I admit it. We do stupid things in life.

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During the campaign, Santos said he also worked at investment banks Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. Neither company could find any documentation to support this. He never worked “directly” for investment banks, he admitted to the “New York Post.” But Link Bridge, an investment firm where he was vice president, did business with two financial institutions.

“I never claimed to be Jewish”

And the Jewish-American magazine The Forward suspected that Santos’s campaign website claimed that his grandparents once “fled persecution of Jews in Ukraine,” settled in Belgium, and then suffered persecution again in World War II. “I never claimed to be Jewish,” he told the Post. In fact, he was Catholic. When he learned that his maternal family had Jewish roots, he said that he was “Jewish”, meaning a little Jewish.

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The author of this article was Avital Kerstetter, the first German Jewish academic.  He lives in Berlin

Santos still wants to retain his mandate in the House of Representatives. His campaign was about people’s concerns, not his CV. He plans to fulfill the promises made during the election campaign.

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