The Unicode Consortium has come up with a new draft guideline that when approved will make emojis reversible. Put in other words, users will be able to change the direction the emoji is facing, thereby making it look and feel a bit different.

Users too are likely to rejoice at the prospect of having the power to change the orientation of the emoji, thereby adding some more life to their chats and other interactions. So if the emoji is facing to the right, it can be made to face left and vice versa.

However, no matter how exciting it might seem at the moment, the reversible emojis aren’t expected to be available before fall 2018. The Unicode Consortium is also expected to launch about a hundred new emojis by that time and if vendors such as Apple and others give their nod to the concept of reversible emojis, those will debut as the first lot of emojis having the reversible attribute.

Among the new emojis slated for launch include a swan, pirate flag, badger, infinity, to name just a few. Then there are some new faces as well, one that has red hair, or another with curly hairs while there is also one with no hair at all. There is yet another sporting afro hairstyle along with those with hot and cold faces.

Among the other new emoji in line for launch include a fire extinguisher, firecracker, a bagel, a softball, a lacrosse stick and even a test tube as well.

However, while the option to reverse the direction of the emoji will always be a welcome one, it still can’t be considered as revolutionary as animojis Apple introduced with its iPhone X device. What makes animoji almost a generation ahead of the all including reversible emoji is that those can be made to take up any emotion as the user desires.

With animoji, the user can end up making the same emoji look different each time as those can be made to carry a different behavior of the sender. And it is this that makes the animoji so special. In contrast, reversible emoji, if approved, will only enable the user to change the direction the emoji is facing.