“Unfortunately it has experience”: US: Russia may help suppress protests in Iran

“Unfortunately it has experience”
US: Russia may help quell protests in Iran

According to the US National Security Council, Russia is considering supporting the leadership in Tehran in its fight against mass protests. Iran was also rocked by an unusual attack: Islamic State terrorist fighters killed at least 15 people.

The US is concerned about Moscow’s possible support for the suppression of mass protests in Iran. “We know they might consider some kind of support for Iran’s ability to take action against dissidents, and unfortunately Russia has experience with that,” said John Kirby, director of communications for the National Security Council. When asked by journalists, it was not clear whether this alleged support had already started or not.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will strengthen cooperation with Iran in defeating terrorist threats. “I would like to reiterate the willingness of the Russian side to further expand cooperation with our Iranian partners in the fight against terrorism,” Putin said in a cable to Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, which was posted on the Kremlin’s website.

Israel’s Prime Minister Isaac Herzog once again criticized Iran with sharp words. “Today, the Iranian regime oppresses thousands of Iranian citizens, men, youth and women, who are protesting and simply standing up for their own freedom,” Herzog said in a meeting with US President Joe Biden in Washington. Herzog warned of Tehran’s nuclear capabilities. The country also supplies deadly weapons used to kill innocent people in Ukraine. Biden emphasized to the crowd that Israel and the United States share the same ideas and values.

On Wednesday – 40 days after Mahza Amini’s death – across the country Lots of people on the streets is gone In Iran, people traditionally mourn the death of a family member for 40 days. Activists had given the call ahead of nationwide protests on the day of mourning. Security forces reportedly opened fire on protesters in several cities. In the capital Tehran, security forces fired tear gas at a protest by doctors. In the evening people gathered in Tehran and sang enthusiastically in the street. In the north of the city, many women were seen without the mandatory veil, witnesses said. Amini, 22, died in the care of the support team. He was arrested for not wearing the veil properly.

At least 15 people were killed in the IS attack

At least 15 people have been killed in an attack by terrorists in the southern city of Shiraz, Iran’s state media reported. Dozens of people were injured at Shah Serak, a Shiite shrine in the city of millions, state television said. According to eyewitnesses, a large number of police and security forces were deployed around the temple. The terrorist group Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the attack on the Telegram channel.

In Afghanistan, for example, Sunni jihadists have repeatedly launched attacks on Shia Muslims, whom they describe as apostates from Islam and hate. Such attacks are highly unusual in Iran. President Ibrahim Raisi condemned the attack and announced a sustained response, according to the president’s office.

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