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Uncharted movie review: A belated process in epic proportions


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new colombia pictures Anonymous Movie From poison Director Robin Fleischer is proof of the idea that the longer adaptations swirl around lovable franchises in development hell, the more likely they are to come out of them—that is, if that ever happens—as distorted misfits that might be better kept in drafts. Anonymous Not the first movie to have this right. But unlike many of the other mods in this chapter, which tend to feel hampered by a lack of understanding what people like about the source material, you get to see Anonymous That everyone involved mysteriously “gets” the point of all the fuss. Anonymous He knows what it’s supposed to be – the problem is he’s not deeply interested in being that thing.

Anonymous Depends on multiple elements Anonymous Games to build a storyline about a younger, more experienced Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) who is immersed in the airplane environment, and the tomb raiding lifestyle after an unlikely encounter with crook/treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). Although Nathan, a lone bartender with a troubled past and no close family nowadays, knows better than to trust smooth-talking strangers who pick their pockets better than he does, Sully is able to win the younger man’s trust and recruit him into a group big. Job by strengthening his connections and similarities with Nathan’s long lost brother, Sam.

A dispute between Sully and Nathan.
Colombia photos

technically speaking, Anonymous He unlocks one of his surprisingly few major groups that occurs towards End Before turning back in time to focus on Nathan and Sully’s meeting. But Nathan’s path to lost treasure actually began again in his teens when (Ternan Jones in Flashbacks) and Sam (Rudy Bankoff) were just two stray boys sneaking out of their orphanage to steal valuable historical pieces from museums, as the kids get used to. Act. what Anonymous She attempts in her opening scenes to convey how Nathan and Sam’s love of treasure hunting and their estrangement from each other in their youth laid the foundation for an adult Nathan to become the kind that Sulli acquires. . but what Anonymous He ends up unintentionally doing instead drawing attention to his own indecision about who his main character is and what kind of people they are.

Watching Holland and Wahlberg try to manipulate each other in any of the movie’s comedic scenes is like staring at a sharp crystallization of just how dangerous it is. AnonymousIt was a trip to the big screen. Long before it fully switches to working mode, Anonymous He’s trying to sell you an idea of ​​itself as a friend’s flick. But the bulk of Nathan and Sully’s banter fades due to an unfortunate mixture of questionable chemistry and cliched dialogue that makes even the faintest of video game scenes shine in comparison.

Wahlberg, who was one of the first to play Drake over a decade ago, doesn’t seem excited or excited about the idea of ​​playing Sully – it’s just looming like a reminder of Anonymous movie that could be. In comparison, the Dutch movie “Nathan” is the most interactive between the two characters, but the degree to which this is done Anonymous Attempts to rely on Holland’s boyish charm to get her pregnant ends up hurting the film in a way that becomes progressively more noticeable as it progresses and more and more characters are made. This might not be such a glaring problem if Nathan and Sully’s sister friendship wasn’t meant to be AnonymousIts beating heart, and if the movie has enough of trying to make some of its supporting characters feel like people rather than walking, it’s talking games.

Tom Holland, Sophia Taylor Ali and Mark Wahlberg star in Columbia Pictures' UNCHARTED.  Photography: Clay Enos

Nathan, Chloe, and Sully discuss whether or not to break up.
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By the time Nathan and Sully embark on their mission to track down the lost treasure hidden by Magellan’s crew, there are still plenty of Anonymous In order to get through, but because the movie can’t stick to a focus or tone, it continues to feel much longer than it actually does all the time.

Anonymous He doesn’t really want you to think about why Sully and other hunters like Chloe Fraser (Sofia Ali) and Joe Braddock (Tate Gabriel) can finally start getting leads as soon as Nathan shows up even though they’ve all been searching for this special treasure for ages. The movie also doesn’t particularly want you to notice the fact that none of solving puzzles or looking for clues as Nathan himself did seems to be very difficult or clever. what Anonymous However, it is to give you the feeling of being transported away to wonderful and foreign places, where no one takes too much trouble with people showing up to hack valuable pieces of history.

the Anonymous Franchising has advantages and not only Tomb rider for Men™, but that’s definitely an impression one can take away from this movie for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, the apparent sensitivity to developing female characters besides being simple prizes because the man leads to lust afterward. AnonymousHowever, the greatest sin is the certainty that presents you with the possibility of future installments – the installments that this movie ends with are neither earned nor guaranteed.

Anonymous It also stars Antonio Banderas, Stephen Waddington, and Benji Molly and hits theaters on February 18.

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