UN Public Debate: “This is sheer imperialism!” – In his speech, Scholz directly attacks Putin

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“That’s sheer imperialism!” – In his speech, Scholes attacks Putin directly

World leaders gather at the 77th United Nations General Assembly

President Olaf Scholes at the UN General Debate


In his speech at the UN General Debate, Olaf Scholz campaigned for a permanent German seat on the UN Security Council. On Vladimir Putin and Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the president was clear.

BUndescancer Olaf Scholz (SPD) called for strengthening international cooperation and reforming the UN Security Council in view of the many crises in the UN general debate. “It must be possible to ensure that the multipolar world of the 21st century remains a multipolar world,” Scholz said in his address to the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday evening (local time).

“Nationalism and isolationism will not solve the challenges of our time,” the Chancellor said. “The only sensible response is more cooperation, more partnership, more participation, whether it’s about climate change or how we deal with global health risks, inflation and disrupted trade chains or displacement and migration.”

In his first speech to the UN General Assembly, Scholz lamented the “new fragmentation of the world”: “New wars and conflicts have arisen. Major global crises are piling up, merging and intensifying before us.” However, one cannot speak of a “world without rules”: “Our problem is not the absence of rules. Our problem is the unwillingness to observe and enforce them.”

UN Scholes called on the international community to support the goals and principles of the Charter. “That’s why we can’t sit back and relax when a well-armed, nuclear power — a founding member of the United Nations and a permanent member of the UN Security Council — wants to use force to move borders,” Schales said. Ukraine to Russia’s war of aggression.

“There is no justification for Russia’s war of conquest against Ukraine. President (Vladimir) Putin is leading it with only one goal: to conquer Ukraine. Self-determination and political freedom do not count for him. There is only one word for it: it is pure imperialism!” said Scholes.

Scholz said the world community should not allow Russia to win the war. “That’s why we won’t accept Russian-dictated peace. That’s why Ukraine must repel Russia’s aggression. We support Ukraine with all our might: financial, economic, humanitarian and weapons.

In his speech, Scholz called on the U.N. He also supported reform of the Security Council, in which Russia, as one of the five permanent members, has veto power. Rules and institutions “must be adapted to the reality of the 21st century,” the chancellor said.

A “reform and expansion” of the Security Council is therefore necessary, “to include above all the countries of the global South”. “Germany is also ready to take on additional responsibility – as a permanent member and initially as a non-permanent member in 2027/2028.”

UN in 2027 and 2028 Germany, which is bidding for one of ten non-permanent seats on the Security Council, has long sought to reform the most powerful UN body. Critics complain that the structure of the Security Council — particularly the superpowers of the five permanent members China, France, Great Britain, Russia and the United States — is no longer up-to-date and could lead to blocking the body.

More recently, the United States has been open to reform. US President Joe Biden also wanted to address the topic in his speech at the UN General Debate on Wednesday, his national security adviser Jack Sullivan announced.

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