Ukrainians criticize: Pope celebrates crucifixion with controversial gestures

The Ukrainians are important
Pope celebrates crucifixion with controversial gestures

At the request of Pope Francis during Holy Friday prayers, two friends, two nurses, one from Ukraine and the other from Russia. Critics see this as trivializing the Russian war against Ukraine.

Despite criticism from Ukraine, a Ukrainian woman and a Russian woman carry the cross together for a piece of traditional crucifixion worship in Rome. The Vatican wanted to set up a symbol of peace through action on Good Friday evening. However, bishops and church representatives from Ukraine have spoken out against the move in the past because they believe it does not adequately portray Russia as an invader.

Pope Francis, who celebrated the Way of the Cross in front of about 10,000 believers at the Colosseum, stuck to the plan with two women, for the first time since 2019 after the cancellation of two coronas. At least the Vatican changed the text read in the short notice. The 85-year-old pope, who has long suffered from a knee problem, watched the “Via Cruises” procession sitting in front of the ancient amphitheater. Two nurses and friends living in Rome carried the cross in memory of the Passion of Jesus Christ at the 13th and Final Station. In which the death of Christ is commemorated. The text for this section of the track has been changed in the short notice.

“When faced with death, silence speaks louder than words,” it said. Those present were then asked to silently pray for world peace. Pope buried his face behind his arm. The first planned sentence was: “Lord, where are you? Where are you hiding? We must get our old lives back. Why all this? What did we do wrong? Why did you miss us? Why did you miss our people?” Many Ukrainians found this inappropriate.

Cardinal pays a visit to Borodianka

Prior to that, Francis celebrated Good Friday “Fashion of the Lord” at St. Peter’s Cathedral. The head of the Catholic Church presided over the celebration of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ – but the sermon was delivered by Cardinal Queen Ronaldo, the pope’s official pastor of the House. Francis sat down to watch the celebration in large numbers; The 85-year-old has been suffering from a knee problem for a long time.

He also avoided praying in front of the altar as usual at the beginning of Good Friday worship. Instead, Argentina paused for a moment. Meanwhile, Cardinal Konrad Grovsky, sent by the Vatican due to the war in Ukraine, traveled to the Kiev suburb of Porodianka, which was badly destroyed and Russian atrocities were reported. Polar Krozewski – in charge of distributing begging at the Vatican – prayed in front of a mass grave, as announced by St. Sea. “No tears, no words,” Curia said of the cardinal’s experience.

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