Ukrainian partisans announce “massive attack on Putin's troops”.

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Fighting in the forest: A video from the Siberian Battalion shows almost a minute and a half of continuous gunfire. © Telegram/@Siberian Battalion

In Moscow, Vladimir Putin comfortably awaits his re-election. Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine extends to the Russian border. Party members are showing seriousness there.

Belgorod – Millions of people were forced to flee their homes after Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to invade the neighboring country in the Ukraine war. Run to live. Just before the Kremlin leader is re-elected, many of his comrades are now under threat of being evicted from their homes and apartments.

Partisans attack Russia: “Ukraine shelling from Belgorod must stop”

For days now, Russian partisans have been advancing back into Putin's empire. They targeted Belgorod and Kursk regions. And call the people living there to take shelter. In a joint statement “Russian Volunteer Forces”, “Siberian Battalion” and “Freedom of Russia” Legion address “our fellow citizens” in Belgorod via their Telegram channels.

“Putin's killers are carrying out massive attacks on peaceful Ukrainian cities, positioning themselves between your homes, your children's schools and government institutions. Every day dozens of innocent people (mainly women and children) die from shelling from Belgorod,” it said: “Belgorod Ukraine's shelling from the area must stop!”

Therefore, the militants were “forced to open fire on military positions in the cities of Belgorod and Kursk.” The evacuation appeal reads: “To avoid civilian casualties, we request everyone to leave the city immediately. We call on local authorities to save lives and evacuate cities in Kursk and Belgorod regions.

Video: Putin's Election Campaign on the Internet

Partisans in Belgorod and Kursk: “Activity will continue until all objectives are achieved”

And on the posts, partygoers who already do It made headlines last year Directly to the people as the authorities did not take any action. It also writes of “liberating Russian regions from the Kremlin's reign of terror” and “massive attacks on Putin's troops”.

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The groups also return to Roman Starovoit, the governor of the Kursk region, and Vyacheslav Klatkov, the governor of the Belgorod region. You are requested to leave immediately. If civilians die, their deaths are on the conscience of two people. Because the partisans insist: “The operation to liberate the Kursk and Belgorod regions will continue until all objectives are achieved.”

Partisans call for evacuation: Humanitarian corridor faces “massive attack on Putin's troops”

The factions, apparently backed by Kiev, describe themselves as “Russian Liberation Forces” and call for the surrender of the army and security forces. According to your information, Thursday 9pm to Friday 7am A humanitarian corridor was created through which civilians and the Russian military could leave the area. “Mass Attack” should then begin in the area.

A video was also released showing queues of cars in front of a petrol station at night to encourage people to leave. 7,000 civilian vehicles reportedly left the area within ten hours.

Two men in uniform holding a flag
Back home: Two fighters from the “Freedom of Russia” brigade present their unit's flag. © Telegram/@legionoffreedom

Partisans want to oust Putin: Governors report damage and injuries

Kursk Governor Starvoit announced early Friday morning on his Telegram channel, Kokolevka village in Chudzhansky District came under shelling. No injuries were reported and three homes were damaged. According to him, the previous day, Russian forces repelled an attack on the village of Teotkino.

This applies to the city and region of Belgorod, which is constantly under fire According to Governor Glatko There was a minor wind warning Friday morning. Seven multiple rocket launcher grenades were intercepted, although two were wounded. In Belgorod, 23 apartments in seven apartment buildings, a school building and an adjacent playground were damaged. The politician also said that five private residential buildings and two commercial establishments were damaged in the area.

None of this information can be independently verified. However, the war is reaching further along the Russian border, keeping Putin's troops busy in his own country. Participants distribute and clarify records of combat operations in the field or air strikes. Their long-term goal is to oust Putin and his entourage. It is no coincidence that the attacks are intensifying just before the president wants to secure his fifth term. So far, the Kremlin has only mocked the ruling partisans. (mg)

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