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Ukrainian drones are constantly being developed


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A mobile drone defense team trains at night to shoot down Russian drones east of the port city of Odessa: Ukraine and Russia are in competition when it comes to drone technology. © Image Alliance/dpa | K Nietfeldt

Startups from Ukraine play key role in defense against Russia Western experts are closely watching or engaged.

KYIV – Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine continues to cost many soldiers on both sides. In the Russian Kharkiv attack, Russian soldiers are said to have fallen victim to bombs, and elsewhere there is talk of trench warfare with large weapons. At the same time, drones continue to play an important role: Ukrainian drones are currently primarily targeting Russia’s energy infrastructure.

At the same time, a modified Ukrainian drone attacks Russian warplanes. What’s Behind Ukraine’s Drone Technology? According to its own words, America’s largest security news portal, Break protectionI looked around at Ukrainian start-ups.

Drones at war in Ukraine: Start-ups seek a way through “radio chaos”

He writes that the conflict is outdated when it comes to front-line casualties and misery Break protection. This fight will be reminiscent of two world wars. At the same time, “this front line is the conflict zone with the highest signal density in human history”. Start-ups from Ukraine deal with this perfectly: Ukrainian drones sometimes cannot receive a GPS signal and therefore cannot be controlled anymore.

Ukraine will now use several small, flexible teams. But not just those who manufacture and control drones. Falcons is an important Ukrainian start-up company working against Russia. Your task: decipher the chaos of radio signals and “detect the threat signal in the noise.” According to the Falcons technology manager, it all comes down to one thing: distinguishing your own drones from enemy drones. “Essentially you have to track them in real time, and we’re talking big numbers, fascinating data. If you expand the data, you can track any drone in the air.

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Joint drone development – Western companies work with Ukrainian start-ups

All these are now being watched with great interest by Western experts Wall Street Journal writes Russia continues to develop drone technology in Ukraine war – both countries’ technologists are competitive and speed numbers: “Russian jammers are a decisive factor in the production of drones,” said Vadym Yunyk, co-founder of ISR. A manufacturer can now make changes to drones without going through the usual research and development, he added. Currently the deciding factors are: the speed at which drones can change frequencies or go with as little control as possible.

“Ukraine is an interesting market. There, many technologies are developed quickly and based on real experience,” said an American expert. Wall Street Journal. Accordingly, Western companies are interested in exchanging information on technological developments, investment and collaboration. Companies from Germany and the United States are already involved in the development of Ukrainian drones. (cat)

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