Ukraine’s European Union as a NATO member

The Russian government has openly changed its position on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. A top diplomat offered these for membership in NATO – and talked about negotiations.

Like NATO, Russia is openly critical of Ukraine’s membership in the European Union. Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyanski said in an interview that Russia’s position on EU membership is a NATO entry. “We do not see a big difference there,” he told the British online newspaper Unherd.

Initially, Russia was still able to make friends with Ukraine’s entry into the EU and strictly rejected only NATO members. “The European Union is now at the forefront of supplying arms to Ukraine,” Polyansky said. He also criticized the statement of EU Foreign Policy Officer Joseph Boral. He had said that wars are usually decided on the battlefield, not by obstacles.

“No more diplomatic options”

The Russian envoy is not currently looking at diplomatic options. After the talks in Istanbul, Russia voluntarily withdrew troops, for example from the area around Kiev. But what did we get in return? ” The diplomat asked. The West continued to provoke conflict. “There is no room for diplomacy.”

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