Ukraine War: Vladimir Putin Orders Russia’s Military Expansion

It has been more than a year and a half since his war of aggression against Ukraine began Russia It needs to increase its player base by 15 percent. According to the Russian President’s Office, the head of state Vladimir Putin signed the relevant decree. The reason was “threats” and “the continued expansion of NATO” regarding the war in Ukraine.

According to the order, the Army will have about 2.2 million members, including 1.32 million soldiers, in future. This corresponds to an increase of 170,000 conscripts and conscripts. Last summer, Putin ordered an expansion of the army to two million members, including 1.15 million soldiers.

Apparently no new mobilization is planned

The Ministry of Defense in Moscow immediately faced fears from the Russian public that the military might mobilize men for military service on a large scale. “The mobilization is not planned,” the ministry said in view of the upcoming presidential election. Instead, the focus is on Russian citizens who voluntarily join the military. During a mobilization ordered by Putin in the fall of 2022, some 300,000 men were at the front. Ukraine Drafted. The move caused panic among the Russian population, and hundreds of thousands of Russians fled abroad.

Since this year, Russia has been cracking down on involuntary conscription. Over the summer, the parliament in Moscow passed several laws allowing more pressure on conscripts – for example through higher fines and exit bans. By raising the age limit for military age from 27 to 30, significantly more Russians are now required to serve in the military.

For a long time, Russia did not report any information about the dead and wounded in the war in Ukraine. However, experts consider more losses on the Russian side.

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