Ukraine war on live ticker: +++ 09:51 Kaim on tank debate: “angry tone coming” in US +++

According to Foreign Minister Annalena Berbach, the federal government will not prevent the supply of “Leopard” tanks to Ukraine by third countries. Political scientist Markus Keim explains whether this is the turning point in the tank dispute, how the US is reacting to German intransigence and why Chancellor Scholz is hesitant.

+++ 09:32 CDU General Secretary calls on Scholes to deliver tanks +++
CDU General Secretary Mario Saja criticized President Olaf Scholz’s reluctance to decide whether to supply Leopard main battle tanks to Ukraine. “If there is still no clarity within the national security alliance, lives are being sacrificed on both sides,” says Czaja in ZDF “Morgenmagazin”. Nevertheless, Germany does not become a party to the war and supports Ukraine “within the limits of possibilities under international law”. Training and supplying tanks to Ukrainian soldiers on Leopard main battle tanks is the right step.

+++ 09:16 Ukraine: Russia sends more troops to Cherson region +++
Russia has reportedly sent more troops to occupied areas of Kherson province in southern Ukraine. The troops arrived last week – but without military equipment. They will only have handguns and bulletproof vests. Although the city of Cherson is under Ukrainian control, most of the region of the same name is occupied by Russian troops.

+++ 08:52 Trittin is sure that Kyiv will get “Leopard” tanks +++
Jürgen Trittin, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag, believes that Ukraine can count on the supply of “Leopard” tanks from Western allies. “I’m afraid there is an escalation in Ukraine and they need tanks for that, it’s undeniable. I’m sure they’ll get these tanks,” says the green politician on NTV’s “Early Start”. Trittin, however, concedes that the exact purpose of the deliveries and who they came from should be decided “in NATO’s joint convoy”. Regarding the delivery of “Leopard” tanks from third countries such as Poland, Trittin adds: “If Poland can bring itself to submit an application to Germany, you will get ‘Leopards’.”

+++ 08:30 Weissert: “Corruption in Ukraine hangs by the legs” +++
The Western world is investing billions to support Ukraine against an onslaught of Russian troops. Most of it goes to aid supplies and the military. But there are constant reports of corruption in the military leadership. ntv reporter Jürgen Weichert talks about accusations of self-enrichment.

+++ 07:58 EU insists on using Russian assets for reconstruction +++
EU Council President Charles Michel is urging that assets seized from the Russian central bank be used to rebuild Ukraine. He tells the Financial Times that member states should look into the idea of ​​managing frozen funds profitably. Profits from this can be used for reconstruction. As part of sanctions imposed on Russia over its aggression in Ukraine, the European Union froze 300 billion euros in reserves at the Russian central bank in November.

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+++ 07:24 ISW sees Prigozhin’s influence waning +++
American think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW) looks at Russian mercenary group Wagner. Evgeny Brigoshin, to fall in favor of the Kremlin. Russian President Vladimir Putin has increasingly relied on the regular military after failing to fulfill his promise to capture the Ukrainian Baghmuth. Writes in its daily assessment (ISW). For war events. Almost two weeks ago, Putin gave Valery Gerasimov, chief of the general staff of the Russian Armed Forces, the supreme command of Russian troops in Ukraine. will be in the meantime of General Sergey Surovik – Prigozhin’s ally Gerasimov was subjugated. Additionally, the Ministry of Defense went too far a week ago Expansion and restructuring reforms Announced by the Russian Armed Forces.

+++ 06:40 Russia to plan naval exercises with China and South Africa +++
A Russian warship armed with new-generation hypersonic cruise missiles will take part in joint exercises with Chinese and South African navies in February, according to reports. “Admiral Gorshkov’ will visit a logistics support point in Tartus, Syria, and then participate in joint naval exercises with the Chinese and South African navies,” Russia’s state news agency TASS reported, citing an unidentified security source. According to Russian sources, the “Admiral Gorshkov” is armed with Zircon cruise missiles that fly at nine times the speed of sound and have a range of more than 1,000 kilometers. Exercises with Russia and China will take place from February 17 to 27 near the South African port city of Durban, the South African Armed Forces announced on Thursday. South Africa abstained from last year’s United Nations vote condemning the war in Ukraine.

+++ 06:10 SPD Division Deputy on tank question: “Hold your nerves now” +++
SPD Parliamentary Committee Chairman Dirk Weiss made the call Important reports from the Traffic Light AllianceThe attitude of Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholes on the battle tank question should not be overestimated. “Within the Traffic Light Alliance, we are working together creatively and in a coordinated manner under the leadership of Chancellor Olaf Scholes in this challenging situation. However, individual deviations should not be overestimated,” says Weiss of the “Rheinisch Post”. “Instead, you should hold your nerve now and not make decisions based on gut feeling,” advises Wise. All the actions “helped with prudent planning in the event of a possible decision to deliver the Tigers, but do not expect this decision. This is done with close coordination within the alliance and with a clear red line that NATO will not become a party to the war. .”

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+++ 05:35 The video should show +++ team leader Pussin in Soler
The head of the Moscow-based administration in the occupied areas of Donetsk region, Denis Bussilin, posts a video on Telegram showing him walking through uninhabited areas with destroyed buildings. “I visited Soledar today,” Puscillin says in a statement. Information cannot be independently verified. For Russia, it took solider in early January. Ukraine has never publicly confirmed this.

+++ 04:50 EU advises to increase military aid +++
EU foreign ministers are set to discuss increasing military aid from 10am today. Another tranche of 500 million euros for joint arms purchases for Ukraine is under discussion. Kiev’s request for German “Leopard” battle tanks could also be dealt with through a video meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

+++ 02:12 SPD parliamentary group leader defends Scholz +++
In a discussion about possible major battle tank deliveries, SPD parliamentary committee vice-chairman Dirk Weiss defended Chancellor Olaf Scholz against criticism from within the coalition. “Within the Traffic Light Alliance, under the leadership of Chancellor Olaf Scholes, we are working together creatively and in a coordinated manner in this challenging situation. However, individual deviations should not be overestimated,” says Weiss of the “Rheinisch Post”. “Instead, you should hold your nerve now and not make decisions based on gut feeling.”

+++ 01:02 Norwegian military comment on Russian and Ukrainian losses +++
According to Norwegian estimates, nearly 180,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or wounded in Ukraine so far. On the Ukrainian side, more than 100,000 soldiers are believed to be dead or wounded, Chief of Staff Eirik Kristoffersen told Norwegian broadcaster TV2. Also, 30,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed so far. The general did not explain how the numbers were calculated.

+++ 23:49 Pistorius: Germany not isolated for tank deliveries +++
According to Federal Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, Germany is not alone in the question of the supply of “Leopard 2” battle tanks to Ukraine. “Germany is not isolated there,” said the SPD politician at ARD, referring to Friday’s meeting of Ukraine’s military partners. The concept picture is not the same as it is sometimes portrayed. The decision is difficult and should be taken carefully. Germany has already provided 3.3 billion euros worth of weapons to Russia-hit Ukraine, with only Great Britain and the United States doing more. The “Leopard” decision will be taken in the President’s House.

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+++ 21:43 SPD division chief urges moderation in tank dispute +++
SPD leader Rolf Mützenich has again backed Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the dispute over the delivery of key battle tanks to Ukraine. Statements by coalition members about the president in recent weeks have weakened the government’s policies, says Mützenich in ZDF’s “heute journal”. “I held back for a long time, but over the weekend I found this criticism overwhelming, especially from a colleague who heads the security team.” FDP defense expert Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann publicly attacked Scholz over the controversy over battle tanks. He described the president’s communication on the tank issue as “disastrous”.

+++ 21:10 Baerbach: “Leopard” does not block deliveries from other countries +++
Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbach says that Germany will not prevent the export of “Leopard” tanks from third countries to Ukraine. “At the moment the question has not been asked, but if we are asked, we will not stand in the way,” the Green politician told French broadcaster LCI. She was also asked what would happen if Poland supplied Ukraine with “Leopard” tanks. Baerbock follows the trend of Robert Habeck, who has already made similar statements. Ultimately, however, the decision will be made by chancellor Olaf Scholes. So far, the SPD politician has been more cautious on such issues than many Greens and FDP traffic light colleagues.

+++ 8:50 p.m. Dijr-Sarai: “Leopard” tank deliveries must be completed immediately +++
FDP General Secretary Bijan Djir-Sarai has called on his party’s traffic light coalition with the SPD and the Greens to speed up the question of whether Germany should deliver “Leopard 2” battle tanks to Ukraine. It should now be decided in the next few days or weeks, he says on ZDF. Ukraine has no time for long discussions. The test should now be completed.

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