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In the war between Russia and Ukraine, casualties on both sides are increasing. Current improvements on last night and news ticker.

  • Um Ukraine war* Data about the number of losses goes to the pages Of Russia* Very different.
  • As stated in it Ukraine* Considered the army of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin* I Conflict in Ukraine* More than 17,000 soldiers lost.
  • Moscow* The bodies of Russian soldiers are said to have been left on the streets. Kiev* Demands the Kremlin to take the fallen home.

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+++ 2.45 pm: NATO shows no signs of easing the war in Ukraine. “According to our intelligence, the Russian forces are not retreating, but are changing themselves.” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in Brussels. Russia is trying to reorganize its forces, organize supplies and accelerate the offensive in the Donbass. At the same time, pressure will be maintained on the capital Kiev and other cities.

It looks like the Russian armed forces will be reunited in Belarus, and NATO expects more serious attacks on the Ukrainian war. © Gavriil Grigorov / Imago Images

“We can expect more offensive action that will cause more suffering,” Stoltenberg said. Regarding the talks between the representatives of Ukraine and Russia, Norway said that it is good that we talk to each other. So far, however, there has been no real change in Russia’s military victory over its main target. That is why you must be prepared to continue to support Ukraine.

+++ 12.15 pm: According to the US news channel CNN, Russia plans to “reunite” with neighboring Belarus.

Ukraine war current: Russia is said to have shot down its own plane

+++ 10.30 am: According to Jeremy Fleming, head of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) of the British Intelligence and Security Service, Russian soldiers in Ukraine are violating orders and destroying their own equipment.

According to British intelligence, Russian soldiers
According to British intelligence, Russian soldiers are “unarmed and mentally retarded.” © Nikolai Trishin / Imago Images

“We have seen Russian soldiers – armed and determined – disobey orders, destroy their own equipment and accidentally shoot down their own aircraft,” Fleming said during a visit to Canberra, Australia. There are logistical errors, many Russian casualties and chaos within the military leadership. In a speech to the Australian National University published by GCHQ on Thursday night, Fleming said, “We have seen how Putin lied to his own people to cover up military incompetence.

Ukraine News: President Selensky does not believe in Russia’s “good words”

+++ 7.30 am: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has yet to see definitive results from talks with Russia on ending the war. Selenskyj said on Thursday night that he could not believe the beautiful words coming from Moscow. Ukraine reports more attacks, such as a fuel depot in the city of Dinifro. Once again both sides are fighting for a ceasefire. For its part, it hopes the federal government will further clarify whether Russia will continue to supply gas and how.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold talks with representatives of the energy company Gosprom and the Russian Central Bank on Thursday. The topic is the future payments of gas to Russia. After a phone call between President Olaf Scholes and Putin, German government spokesman Stephen Hebstreet said on Wednesday evening, after April 1, Western payments to Casprom Bank could continue as usual in euros. The bank then converts the money into rubles.

A Russian tank near Mariupol: Russia announces ceasefire.
A Russian tank near Mariupol: Russia announces ceasefire. © Maximilian Clarke / dpa

Ukraine Update: Kyiv acknowledges attacks in the Donbass

In talks with Ukraine to end the war, Russia announced on Tuesday that it would significantly reduce its war operations in the northern hemisphere. According to Ukrainian negotiator David Arakamiya, talks with the Russian delegation will continue online on April 1.

Kiev approves the deployment of Russian troops for new attacks on Donbass, Zhelenskiz said. “We’m getting ready for that.” He reiterated the call for help from Western partners such as tanks, aircraft and artillery systems. “Freedom should not be less of a weapon than tyranny,” he said.

Ukraine update: Russia wants a Mariupol ceasefire from 10 a.m. today

The city of Mariupol, which has been fighting for weeks, was given a chance by Russia to make a ceasefire on Thursday and allow civilians to flee. “Russia’s Armed Forces are announcing a ceasefire on March 31 from 10:00 am (9:00 am CEST) – exclusively for humanitarian purposes,” said Maj. Gen. Mikhail Mijintsev, Interfax.

Ukrainian sources say a rocket attack on the city of Dinifro destroyed a fuel-filled oil depot. Regional Council President Mykola Lukasz said the debris damaged two tankers. None of the victims. According to Ukrainian sources, the rocket hit a factory in Novomoskovsk, northeast of Dinibro. No casualties were reported here.

Massive casualties in the Ukraine war: Kiev regains control in the southeast

Updated Thursday, March 31, 2022, at 6.35am: According to The Kiev Independent News website, Ukrainian forces have regained control of southeastern Orlov, Sahradivka and Kochubayevka. This was announced on March 30 by civil servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Ukraine News: “Putin Misinformation”

+++ 6.20pm: The United States* Russian President Vladimir Putin is believed by his advisers to be “misinformed” about the Russian military’s poor performance in Ukraine and the impact of sanctions on the Russian economy.

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“We believe Putin’s advisers are misinforming him about the poor performance of the Russian military and the impact of sanctions on Russia’s because his senior advisers are too afraid to tell him the truth,” a US official said. The official said the assessment was based on information released by US intelligence agencies. He said the United States had information that Putin was aware of misinformation that had led to a rift between him and his top security officials.

“We have information that Putin felt that he had been deceived by the Russian military. And Putin[பாதுகாப்புத் துறைக்கும்]Tensions are currently running high, which stems from Putin’s distrust of the defense ministry’s leadership, the US official said.

Massive casualties in the Ukrainian war: civilians in Irbine “buried in gardens or parks”

Update, 5:10 pm: The current situation of Ukrainian citizens is steadily deteriorating. According to the mayor, at least 200 people have been killed in the Kiev suburb of Irfin alone since the start of the Ukrainian war. “Unfortunately I think about 200 or 300 people have died,” Oleksandr Marcus told reporters on Wednesday (03/30/2022). The dead were “simply buried in gardens or parks” during the fierce fighting for the northwestern city of the Ukrainian capital.

According to government sources, Ukrainian troops prepared Irbine on Monday (March 28, 2022) by Russian troops. President of Ukraine Volodymyr SelenskyHowever he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government. The Russians still control the northern part of Kiev.

Massive casualties in the Ukraine war: Russia is said to be leaving the bodies of its soldiers

Report from Wednesday, March 30, 2022, from 3:27 pm: Kiev – Russia and Ukraine have been at war for more than a month. Peace talks have stalled. The end of the Ukraine war is yet to be seen.

Moscow’s initial strategy of taking Ukraine in a blitz to keep losses of troops and technical equipment to a minimum has gone awry. Now the Kremlin army is trapped, with small regional gains and Is already being withdrawn in some places.

The situation in Ukraine is currently dramatic – hundreds of Russian soldiers have died in the rescued villages

The picture presented to the Ukrainian soldiers in the partially recovered villages is astounding. According to the news portal Euronews, the Ministry of Defense in Kiev reports that hundreds of Russian soldiers have been killed. These were not recovered by the Russian military and were not taken home for burial. This information is supported by images distributed by the AFP news agency. But even these pictures cannot be verified at present.

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Mykolayiv Governor Vitaly Kim has appealed to his people to bury the bodies of Russian soldiers or hand them over to the army. Measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the disease and to pay last respects to the victims. “We’re not monsters,” Kim wrote on a telegram channel. According to Euronews, Kim sent pictures of suspected Russian soldiers killed to prove his point.

Ukraine Update: Facial recognition software to identify corpses as Russian soldiers

In the Kremlin, on the other hand, there was no reaction to the claims of Ukraine. One of the reasons for this is the head of the Ukrainian Railways Oleksandr Kamishi. For a “successful” campaign, they are ready to deny mothers the opportunity to bury their bodies, “Kamishi said via telegram.

There have been frequent reports that Russia has banned its soldiers from wearing name tags known as “dog tags” – perhaps unrecognizable. But Ukraine now wants to achieve this with the help of artificial intelligence. Face recognition software is said to identify bodies War in Ukraine Identify as members of the Russian Army. This was reported by Reuters news agency, among others.

What applies to corpses also applies to the overall losses suffered by Russia in the conflict in Ukraine. Information from Kyiv cannot be verified. However, according to the Kiev Independent, these are likely to be higher than the two wars in Chechnya in 1994 and 1999 and the death toll in the war in the Soviet Union. Afghanistan* Exceeding.

Ukraine: Current military death toll

  • 17,300 soldiers
  • 605 Puncher
  • 1723 Armored troop carriers
  • 305 artillery pieces
  • 54 anti-aircraft guns
  • 131 helicopters
  • 81 drones
  • 1184 vehicles
  • 7 warships
  • 21 special vehicles
  • 4 Mobile Ractensystem

According to estimates by Then* The number of Russian soldiers currently killed may range from 7,000 to 15,000. Russia itself is talking about about 1,350 fallen soldiers. However, the Kremlin has not yet released a description of the numerous images of corpses published on telegram channels such as “Find Your Own”. (ktho / dil / lz / nak with dpa) * fr.de is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.

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