Ukraine war in live ticker: +++ 01:50 More than 400 educational institutions completely destroyed in the war +++

Ukraine war in live ticker
+++ 01:50 More than 400 educational institutions were completely destroyed during the war +++

Aid organization Save the Children reports that a school has been destroyed every day since the start of the school year in Ukraine. “The war has made it incredibly difficult for children in Ukraine to access education,” says Sonya Kush, the organization’s country director. According to the organization, 3,025 educational institutions – schools, kindergartens and universities – have been bombed and shelled since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. 406 of them were completely destroyed. “Millions of children have had to study at home due to the constant threat of shells and rocket attacks, and now even online learning is further hampered by frequent power outages and internet outages,” says Kush.

+++ 00:58 Tank debate: US urges unity with Germany +++
The U.S. government has not expressed any tension with Germany in the debate over the delivery of Panther tanks to Ukraine. US State Department spokesman Ned Price says Germany is a loyal and reliable partner. The provision of military equipment is a sovereign decision of each partner. Germany has already provided a lot of aid, stressing the price. According to him, the United States attaches great importance to consensus within the alliance against Russia. It is essential to the effectiveness of the Western alliance.

+++ 00:11 Moscow: New military plan takes NATO expansion into account +++
According to Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov, the Russian military is taking into account the possible expansion of NATO to include Sweden and Finland in its new plan. “The President of the Russian Federation (Vladimir Putin) has approved the plan and it can be adjusted once the threats to the Russian Federation change,” Gerasimov told online news site Argumenti i Fakti. Potential risks include the expansion of NATO to include Finland and Sweden now, or the use of Ukraine as a means of waging a “hybrid war” against Russia.

+++ 23:26 Stoltenberg appeals to Turkey: NATO enlargement should not fail “in the last few meters” +++
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg notes Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened Wants to block Sweden’s NATO membership after Koran burning in Stockholm He himself found burning the Koran inappropriate as a form of protest, Stoltenberg tells TV Welt. However, freedom of expression is a valued asset “in Sweden and all other NATO countries” and such protests are “not automatically illegal”. So far, Turkey has shown itself to be very cooperative in NATO accession discussions, Stoltenberg said. Authentication of access protocols must not fail at the end meter.

+++ 22:40 Selenskyj wants to exchange more personnel +++
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced personnel changes in the government and regions within a day. Some decisions have already been made, others will be made on Tuesday, Zelensky said in his evening speech. Zelensky had already announced that he would not tolerate corruption after allegations of corruption against a deputy minister who had already resigned and questionable practices at the Defense Ministry came to light.

+++ 22:17 In five Ukrainian regions, electricity is interrupted +++
State grid operator Ukrenergo says Ukraine’s energy systems are overloaded in many areas due to rising demand for electricity. Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Karkiv and Volhynia regions were hit by blackouts. Ukrenergo attributed the increased demand to the start of the work week and falling temperatures. Russian attacks on energy infrastructure on January 14 caused “significant damage” to the system, according to the network operator.

+++ 21:54 Governor: Russian troops kill one person in attack on Cherson +++
Governor Yaroslav Yanushevich said one person was killed in an attack by Russian forces on the village of Antonivka, west of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region. Accordingly, the victim was in the courtyard of the residential building when the bullets hit. Hours earlier, Yanushevych said Russian forces had attacked Kherson 25 times in 24 hours.

+++ 21:35 Muscovites remember civilian victims of Dnipro despite arrest ++
Despite the crackdown, some Moscow residents still insist on laying flowers at an upgraded memorial to commemorate at least 46 people killed in a rocket attack on the Ukrainian city of Dnipro. Despite the repeated removal of flowers, photographs and toys from a statue of Ukrainian poet Lesja Ukraijinga by unidentified assailants, and the arrest of some mourners, the outpouring of condolences continues. Journalists from the AFP news agency see people laying flowers at the base of the statue this morning, despite a police vehicle parked nearby. There were already some bouquets. Public protest against the attack in Ukraine has rarely been based on retaliatory measures in Russia; Criticism of the Russian military carries long prison sentences.

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