Ukraine Uses “Karl Gustaf” Against Russia: Handguns Make Soldiers Sick

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Many players use a weapon that deals damage that becomes obvious after years. Researchers warn against this.

Stockholm/Kiev/Moscow – The “Karl Gustaf”, a pistol used in various armies around the world for decades, is still available. Ukraine war arrived At a speed of 800 kilometers per hour, it fires projectiles that can destroy tanks. Danger to Soldiers: When firing, the shock wave from the weapon causes a shock wave so large that it is sent directly to the brain. In the past, “Karl Gustaf” shootings have caused concussions and minor bleeding in the brain, leading to memory lapses, reaction times and poor coordination. Recently reported The New York Times“Karl Gustaf” is still used by many armed forces.

It is used not only by the US, but also by the Bundeswehr, Canada, Great Britain and Austria. According to a report T-Online The Bundeswehr also uses the weapon, but only for training. Swedish manufacturer Saab hails the “Carl Gustaf” as a tactical advantage. Manufacturer homepage. It was announced recently Russia Further Ukraine is using new weapons systems in the war.

“Karl Gustaf” pistol used in Ukraine war

Karl Gustaf is also used in Ukraine. Last year, Ukraine’s military received 5,000 units, including ammunition, from Canada. attention reported. During the battles near Kharkiv, the weapon was used to neutralize Russian tanks, according to the report.

An American soldier practices using the “Karl Gustaf” pistol at the Bundeswehr base in Grafenwoehr. Photo 2018 © US Army / Imago Images

The long-term effects of “Carl Gustaf” use are worrying. US military researcher Paul Scharre put one in 2018 news About brain damage caused by weapons. Changes in the soldiers’ brain waves and blood counts were studied both live and on days with weapons. Sensors in the helmet and protective vests showed that the “Karl Gustaf” M3 had an explosive effect, twice the recommended upper limit. This results in a violent shock to the brain, which can cause serious damage if repeated. It also informs The New York Times.

The consequences are already visible. Some players have reported sleep disorders, panic attacks, headaches and memory problems after using the “Karl Gustaf” pistol. said a veteran who served in Afghanistan for 10 years and used the weapon times He said his son had serious problems as a result of using the gun and “something wrong with his head”. An alcoholic soldier committed suicide in 2017.

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Researcher warns of “Carl Gustaf”: “Could be a real problem”

Michael Roy, principal investigator of the US study, warned that soldiers’ performance in combat could be significantly reduced by using handguns: “We see that. If you can’t remember things during an operation, if your balance is disturbed, that can be a real problem,” he said. The New York Times.

Despite Carl Gustaf’s effectiveness on the battlefield, it is clear that the risks to the health of soldiers using it must be seriously considered. The impact of the use of this weapon, both in Ukraine and around the world, will have long-term and catastrophic consequences. (With dpa/AFP)

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