Ukraine “tactical encirclement” report: More than 1,000 Russian soldiers rounded up | Politics

According to information from Kyiv, more than 1,000 Russian soldiers are surrounded by the Ukrainian forces in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson (almost 300,000 people).

Not far from the Vysokopelia settlement, the Russians are engaged in a “tactical encirclement,” Oleksiy Arestovich, an adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, said Friday evening.

On Thursday, the Russian military failed in a breakthrough attempt. Arestovich’s statements could not be independently verified. No confirmation from the Russian side yet.

Some time ago, the Ukrainian army confirmed the capture of the village of Potemkin. The General Staff report spoke of Russian bombing of the site. Wyssokopillja and Olhyne are not mentioned.

The Ukrainian military has recently launched several counterattacks in the Cherson region, which Putin’s forces have largely taken control of since the start of a war against the neighboring country that began in late February.

Ukraine also wants to regain lost territories with the help of Western weapons. In Cherson, people have repeatedly protested against the Russian occupiers in recent months. There have already been attacks against pro-Russian members of the administration suspended by Moscow.

It remains to be seen how the Ukrainian military will deal with the encircled Russians, or what concessions Moscow may be forced to make as a result. Will Ukraine Allow Russians to Take Back a Corridor?

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