Ukraine Spill: Serious Incident Between NATO and Russia

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Figure shows docking maneuver of RC-135 Rivet Joint. It is an icon image. © US Air Force via

Leaked US documents on the Ukraine war reportedly show a Russian warplane nearly shot down a NATO plane. Only one flaw is said to have prevented military disaster.

WASHINGTON, DC – Again and again, heroes are around Ukraine war Before that, there is a tense situation between them Russia And transatlantic NATO needs only a junior commander’s fault. And confusion will be made.

Black Sea: Russian fighter jet shoots down NATO plane

At the beginning of last autumn there was such a moment between the Black Sea UkraineRussia, Georgia and NATO member states Türkiye, Bulgaria and Romania lie Here, for example, NATO forces are stationed at the Romanian Constanta airport.

Where do they come from? British RC-135 Rivet Joint Arrived September 29, 2022 Unknown. Leaked US documents on the Russian attack on Ukraine are now thought to show that a disaster between the Western security alliance and the Russian armed forces is almost above water. reports that The New York Times.

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Apparently, only the Russian Su-27 fighter jet’s handicap prevented it from shooting down a British spy plane with a crew of up to 30. Whether this would have triggered an alliance case under NATO Article 5 cannot be verified. The The New York Times Referring to two unnamed US security officials, a Russian pilot allegedly misinterpreted instructions from a radar officer and wanted to fire.

September 10 2019 Al Udeid Qatar A RC 135 Rivet Joint nears 28th cruise liftoff
Figure shows docking maneuver of RC-135 Rivet Joint. It is an icon image. © US Air Force via

Ukraine News: British plane with 30 people on board has been targeted by warplanes

But the rocket did not fire. It is already known that a tricky incident took place in September. Loud Build British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace described the standoff in Parliament in London as “potentially fatal” after a Russian fighter jet fired a “missile” near a British plane.

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Leaked US documents, however, now contain talk of “near murder”. The The New York Times Two US security officials serving as sources for the newspaper confirmed this.

NATO over Black Sea: Russian warplane shoots down US drone

as Build writes, British spy planes were protected by Eurofighter Typhoon fighters. The Black Sea is considered strategically sensitive. in the beginning Russian attack on Ukraine For example, the armed forces of both countries fought fiercely against each other Battles of the so-called Snake Island.

Also brought in March The Russian warplane is a giant American drone The accident in the Inland Sea caused a major diplomatic row between Washington and Moscow. (evening)

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