Ukraine: Nuclear plant operator faces radiological risk after shelling

As the situation surrounding the nuclear power plant becomes tense, the eyes of the world public continue to focus on the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. According to Russian and Ukrainian information, the infrastructure of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe has already been damaged. The warring parties again warned of the risk of radioactive material escaping and leading to a nuclear catastrophe.

Mutual accusations regarding the shelling of the nuclear power plant

Russia and Ukraine accused each other of shelling a nuclear power plant occupied by Moscow’s troops on Saturday. State Ukrainian power plant operator Energoatom told Telegram there was a risk of breaching standards for protection against radioactive radiation.

According to Energoatom, there is a risk of radioactivity escaping after repeated shelling. There is a risk of release of radioactive materials and hydrogen. In addition, the risk of fire is high.

Moscow and Kiev blame each other

According to the operator on Saturday, the nuclear power plant was damaged several times in one day Shot by the Russian Army. Moscow accused Kiev of responsibility. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the nuclear power plant was shelled three times by Ukrainian artillery within 24 hours.

The information could not be independently verified. According to Moscow, the bombs fell near storage facilities containing fuel rods and radioactive waste. But radiation is within normal range.

The nuclear power plant was temporarily disconnected from the Ukrainian power grid

The nuclear power plant was temporarily disconnected from the Ukrainian power grid on Thursday after an emergency shutdown. Meanwhile, Energoatom announced that two blocks have come back online. The nuclear power plant has been occupied by the Russian military since last March. Employees come from Ukraine. All appeals to allow independent experts from abroad into the power plant have so far been unsuccessful. Ukrainian authorities began distributing iodine tablets to residents near the power plant on Friday.

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Atomic Energy Commission prepares for nuclear plant inspection

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is trying to reach an agreement, which will enable her to send explorers to Saporicia and protect the nuclear power plant. The staff said they are preparing to conduct an inspection. However, it is not clear when that will happen.

Moscow rejects handing over the nuclear power plant back to Kiev, as requested by dozens of states, because Ukraine cannot guarantee the plant’s safety from Russia’s point of view.

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