Ukraine brings Buckmutt under “confused fire”.

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Ukraine wants to move forward. The offensive against Russia in Pakmut is successful. Zelenskyj talks about a milestone.

Bakhmut – Breakthrough in the South, New Frontline in the North: Ukraine Continues to Push Forward Counteroffensive in War Against Russia Evidently, Kievan forces around Pakmut inflicted heavy casualties on the invading forces and opened fire on several villages simultaneously. A Kremlin-appointed official confirmed this in a video post posted on Telegram.

“During the past 24 hours, the enemy has carried out continuous operations in the direction of Lyman, carrying out combat reconnaissance in several directions simultaneously,” it was quoted as saying. Independence of Kiev Denis Pushilin, a regional official loyal to Russia, on Friday (September 22). The There is a tense atmosphere around BagmuthHe added: “The city itself is under chaotic attack.”

Current frontline: Ukraine pushes back Russian troops near Pakmut

According to reports, Ukrainian forces have assembled assault battalions north of Bakhmut and attacked several villages. It was initially unclear whether the front row had already been replaced as a result. Although Russia claims to have repelled the attacks, the Ukrainian government of President Volodymyr Zelensky has already indicated that a counter-offensive will succeed soon.

To a new frontline: Ukrainian troops are fighting meter-by-meter against Russia near Pakmut. © Libkos/ap/dpa

“We will free Buckmutt from the invaders,” Zelensky said in an interview with American broadcasters. CNN and stopped Recapture of Bagmuth and two other cities. “I think we will liberate two more cities from the invaders.” But he would not give any details for tactical reasons. “We have a plan; A very, very comprehensive plan.”

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Counterattack in Ukraine war: Videos show Pakmut fighting on the frontline

U.S. According to the Institute for War Studies (ISW), the offensive by Ukrainian troops was particularly noticeable in Otradyvka (9 kilometers south of Pakmut), Andryvka (10 kilometers southwest of Pakmut) and Kurdzhumivka (12 kilometers southwest of Pakmut). ) progress was made. Some photos and video recordings taken by Ukrainian soldiers with helmet cameras during their advance in the front area are being circulated on the Internet by the news agency. AP Partially published.

Russian Casualties: The Battle of Pakmut was one of the bloodiest battles of the war of aggression.

Bagmuth was captured by Russian forces in the Ukraine war in May this year after months of brutal fighting. The capture of the city, where now-deceased mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner group was particularly involved, was Russia’s costliest victory to date in its war of aggression against Ukraine. The defenders withstood the attacks of the Kremlin troops for a very long time – probably in order to inflict maximum losses on them. Freeing Pakmut would be a symbolic defeat for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the United States, one of Kiev’s most important allies, the adherence to Buckmutt and the protracted battle for recapture has long been viewed with suspicion. Given the high losses and low strategic value, US military advisers are urging them to focus their capabilities on a breakthrough effort in the southern sector of the front, where major successes have been achieved recently. However, the Pentagon recently acknowledged that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is gradually having an impact in many places.

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To a new front line: US puts together weapons package – Zelenskyj travels to Canada

Given the current developments, the United States has once again shifted its arms assistance to Ukraine. Instead of long-range missiles, US President Joe Biden’s government now wants to provide primarily tanks and mine-clearing vehicles so that Kiev’s troops can further breach Russian borders and decisively shift the frontline. Zelensky agreed with the US delegation during his visit to Washington. On Friday afternoon he flew to Canada, where the new arms packages were also to be handled. (jkf)

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