Ukraine breaks the so-called “second strongest army in the world”.

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In its fight against Russia, Ukraine appears to be gearing up for its next big offensive. Destination: Cherson City. Message Ticker.

  • Battle for Kherson: Apparently, Ukraine is planning a major attack on the occupied regional capital.
  • Ukrainian mobilization: Kiev wants to recruit more players.
  • Editor’s note: All news and developments Ukraine war Read on in our news ticker. Information from Russia And this Ukraine Some came from warring parties Ukraine conflict Therefore cannot be directly verified independently.

+++ 10.50 PM: In a video address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on his compatriots to persevere and stressed Russia’s failure. “Ukraine is breaking the so-called second-strongest army in the world,” Zelenskyj said, stressing that Russia is not only suffering heavy military losses, but is becoming more and more isolated politically. Russia has thrown away the possibilities before the “madness” of war against Ukraine and the entire free world. He released the video exactly eight months after the first Russian soldiers marched into Ukraine.

Research by a Russian news website shows that giving up is not an option for ruler Vladimir Putin Mediazona. Based on several Russian marriage statistics, it has been calculated that Russia’s military may have already significantly exceeded its declared target of 300,000 soldiers during a partial mobilization. According to one estimate, up to 492,000 marriages have been completed in the past few weeks, which is less than the usual waiting period of four weeks. However, this is only possible if the men can prove that they have been drafted into the army.

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Ukrainian soldiers fired from US-supplied M777 howitzers. (thumbnail) © Libkos/dpa

Ukraine war: Army in Belarus announces training near Ukraine and Poland

+++ 9 pm: Extensive military exercises have been announced for the coming week in the Belarusian city of Brest, near the borders of Ukraine and Poland. This was quoted by the Belarusian news site Belarusian smell A city official on Monday said gunfire and “the movement of various types of military equipment” is expected throughout the week.

According to the city representative, the training units correspond to the programs defined in the training plan of the respective units. However, last week more Russian soldiers arrived in Ukraine’s northern neighbor, whose ruler Alexander Lukashenko is considered an important Russian ally. Russian attacks from Belarusian soil were reported several times during the war. Neither the US Institute of War Research (ISW) nor the British Ministry of Defense currently warns of the risk of Belarus entering the war.

Ukraine War News: Russia ‘Warning’ About Dirty Bomb – West ‘Concerned’

+++ 6.45 pm: Also on Monday, Russian politicians warned of a new escalation in the war in Ukraine and said Ukraine was preparing for what it called a “dirty bomb” on its own country. According to the Ukrainian news portal Ukraine Pravda The Russian Defense Ministry announced that special forces and equipment were “on standby” for a possible mission under “radioactive contamination”.

In an interview with an American newspaper Politics NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg described the reports as “absurd” and insisted that the accusation was similar to the method Russia had already used before the start of the war in Syria or Ukraine: Russia accuses “others of doing what they plan”. themselves,” said Stoltenberg. Western countries vote “with concern”.

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News of the war in Ukraine: Remobilization? There are no soldiers in Kiev

Update as of Monday, October 24, 4:30 p.m.: As Russia grapples with rising casualties, Ukraine’s military is also in trouble. According to Kyiv’s top military commissar, Yuri Maximov, the country’s own army needs to be strengthened urgently.

In an interview with a Ukrainian TV channel Tsn Maksymov said that Ukraine needs to further increase its capacity. “We all see that our army is carrying out offensive operations with confidence in some directions,” the army commissioner praised the army. But further mobilization of the armed forces is necessary.

On Saturday (October 22), Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law on the voluntary registration of women for military service. Still men have to do military service. According to the military commissar, all conscripts under the age of 60 must be accounted for by summons as soon as possible. Those who refuse can be jailed for up to five years.

Ukraine war news: Ukrainian army targets Cherson

First report from 3:55pm on Monday, October 24: KYIV/KHERSON/MOSCOW – There were only isolated skirmishes on the front ahead of an expected major offensive by the Ukrainian army on the southern flank of Kherson. This emerged from the situation reports of the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces on Monday (October 24). At the Ministry of Defense Moscow Reportedly repulsing Ukrainian offensives east of Kubzhansk and Lyman, and north of the occupied Black Sea port of Cherson.

From the capital Kiev Again, it was reported that the Russian attacks on the towns of Pakmut and Soledar had been successfully repulsed. A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, spoke about the battles at the battalion and company level. He also reported on alleged unsuccessful attacks by Ukrainian troops on several villages in the Kherson region. On the other hand, Ukrainian civil servants reported fighting in the Donbass around the towns of Solidar and Pakmut and further south around Avdiyvka and Marzinga. The information provided by the warring parties could not be independently verified.

News from Ukraine: Bridgehead near Cherson may be target of next attack

However, a major Ukrainian offensive is suspected to be imminent. The Russian bridgehead northwest of the Dnipro River in the Cherson region — including the city — is often considered an offensive area. Here, supply lines for Russian troops are largely blocked. However, Ukrainian advances in Zaporizhia towards the Sea of ​​Azov were not ruled out. There have been reports of troop buildups on both sides in recent days. (red/dpa/afp)

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