Uber Self-Driving SUV got into a fatal collision with a pedestrian on Wednesday.  Police of Arizona has released a short video of the collision and the safety of autonomous vehicles are now in danger.

The video which is taken from the inside of Volvo XC90 sports utility vehicle was used for the testing. The video shows that the vehicle was driving along a dark road when an image of women with her bicycle suddenly appears in front of the headlights. The woman named Elaine Herzberg whose age is 49 died from her injuries.

After police released the video of the accident Uber has suspended its self-driving testing cars in North America. The federal safety regulators are now proving this incident in their own way and it is said that SUV is in autonomous mode. This accident arises a question about the development and testing of self-driving vehicles which are said to be safer than the human-driven cars.

The footage shows the interior of the vehicle and the driver who is sitting at the wheel. The footage shows that the driver is looking down for 5secs and not looking at roads. When the video stops it shows that the driver looks to the road with a shock reaction. Self-driving cars use a combination of sensors which includes radar and light-based Lidar so that they can identify objects that are present in the vehicle. The camera which is installed in the car does not perform well in dark but the radar and Lidar work efficiently in the dark. The question that was coming to regulators minds was why the senors did not act in the presence of Herzberg.

The video which is released by police is not the full video but it can say is that the Uber’s Automated Driving System fails and the malfunctions of radars and Lidar which are installed in the car to pick any movements that occur around the car.