After the lawsuit controversy wherein close aide of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi filed a lawsuit against Israeli software company, NSO group using Pegasus for spying on Journalists, now, UAE too falls in the web of controversies as a foundation claims that it has found evidence on how UAE spying on its own people.

As per recent media reports, an organization named Skyline International Foundation stated that huge amount of money has been paid by UAE spying on its own citizens and also with the aim of hacking regional and international institutions with the aim of suppressing dissents before they came into notice.

In a published report, the foundation openly stated that UAE has specifically offered job vacancies through a government-owned and funded company ‘Dark Matter’ for attracting talented hackers in name of preventing cyber hacks.

As per the information mentioned in the report, approximately 400 experts were hired by UAE to carry out espionage on UAE’s own citizens and attempt to hack the accounts of activists abroad.

The report also cited various unnamed sources saying that the company is closely associated with American hackers aimed at building global hacking systems which will track and hack people activities and businesses.

As stated in the report the company is owned and run by Faisal Al-Bannai attracting large number of international companies, such as McAfee, the South Korean manufacturer Samsung and Google.

As stated in the report the company installs malicious softwares instead of strengthening any form of defence. These malicious softwares allow access to surveillance cameras, computers and wireless communications.

The report also stated that there is a high possibility that the employees of the company are not even aware of where and how their technical expertise is being utilised by the company to meet the covert objectives.