Cheers Amazon Prime Subscribers in the US as you no longer have to experience numerous hoops for downloading Prime Video on your android device! Just head on over to the Google Play Store and download the app from the official play store!

After remaining absent from the Google Play Store of United States for a longer time, Amazon Prime Video App, developed by Amazon has finally marked its arrival in the U.S. Play Store. If you are a paid customer of Amazon Prime and earlier have previously tried to stream Prime eligible videos on your Android handsets and devices, you most likely know how provoking it can be.

As the Prime Video app of Amazon was excluded from the U.S. Play Store and was only accessible through Amazon’s Underground App, which usually comes with hosts of redundant Amazon applications and services, it was completely frustrating for the users to stream the Prime-Eligible videos seamlessly.  However, after than a phenomenon happened when for some unknown reason, Amazon launched its video streaming app Prime in the Play Store across 200 markets globally, excluding the Play Store of the US.

But things have changed today as the e-commerce giant today has rolled out its Prime Video App to the US Play Store for free. Users with a paid subscription to Amazon Prime can enjoy the Prime-eligible videos from the App. Rather than facing more hassles in side loading of the unwanted applications or wasting storage space on uncalled-for Amazon bloatware; you can enjoy the downloading Prime Video app directly from the official Android source. In simple words, like million other apps, the Amazon App will now also available in the same place where all other Android Apps are presented.

Even with the app can be installed for free of cost, users in the US need to have a paid subscription to Prime Video. The worth of the subscription is $8.99 per month. However, users also can pay $107.88 for the subscription of the entire year. On the other hand, by paying $99 a year, you can get Prime Video alongside everything else that Amazon Prime is offering to its subscribers including 2-day free shipping, unlimited storage for pictures and so on. Moreover, Amazon is also giving a 30-day free trial to Amazon Prime which will facilitate users a month’s worth of streaming video.

But unfortunately, the Amazon Prime app still does not get integration with the Chromecast support, which means users still won’t be capable of casting what they are watching on their TV screen unless they are logged in to Amazon Prime on their PC or computer. In order to cast videos from the mobile app, subscribers need to purchase a Nvidia Shield TV, Fire TV, or Roku box. Though Amazon is maintaining a tight lip about the timeline when it will integrate such advanced features with its app; but as expected, the time will arrive soon.