Disinformation campaigns have become an important tool of state actors to play against their rival nation in the current world dominated by Fifth Generation warfare tactics. However, some of the state actors are using them both internally and externally to influence a hegemonic narrative. In a recent attempt one such coordinated campaign of pushing information is been exposed and halted by Twitter in its recent suspension move.

As per Reuters, Twitter has busted down thousands of accounts which were found to be associated  to  state actors of Egypt, Honduras, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Serbia on the suspicion for either taking directions from the governments or promoting pro-government content.

As per the explanation provided by Twitter, it removed the accounts on the basis of their suspicious activity that violated its policies by working in a coordinated manner targeting specific segments to undermine the critical public opinion. 

In a recent cleaning attempt to regulate the credibility of the social media platform, it suspended 2,541 accounts which were found to be associated with El Fagr network based out of Egypt. The plausible process identified involves a network of fake accounts created to amplify messages against rival states: Iran, Qatar and Turkey.

As per the statement given by Twitter, information it gained externally indicates it was taking direction from the Egyptian government which clearly indicates that it was certainly a State led campaign.

The other cluster targeted and hit by Twitter was of 3,104 fake accounts created from a single IP range in Honduras by a staffer on the government’s behalf to retweet the president’s account.

Similarly, following the investigation led by investigative website Bellingcat on the disinformation campaign led by Indonesian operative agency drilling opinions on the independence of West Papuan, Twitter suspended 795 fake accounts.

And once again, Saudi Arabia came under the radar of Twitter for launching disinformation operations out of multiple countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates boosting image of the Saudi regime and criticizing Qatar and Turkish activity in Yemen. It suspended 5,350 accounts associated with the operation.

Apart from it action was taken against of 8,558 accounts working to promote Serbia’s ruling party and its leader.

These cleaning practices conducted at regular intervals has been taken by major social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to contain the misinformation floated by entities hampering the reach of authentic and natural flow of information and public opinion.