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Twitter spin on Sergey Lavrov: Foreign minister in clinic?


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Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, wanted to show off how well he’s doing with a video of himself in shorts and a T-shirt at a hotel pool. But where was the clip actually made?

Speculation continues that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is in a clinic in Bali. Some social media users believed that he had taken a video purportedly showing off his good health in a hospital complex. Their theory was largely refuted.

Indeed, on Monday afternoon, Lavrov wanted to show how wrong the Western media was in this assumption. For this he was photographed relaxing on a terrace, in shorts and a t-shirt. The message is very clear: “I’m good, you’re all wrong.”

However, the initial reactions on Twitter are now showing that the photo was not taken in a beautiful hotel by the sea, but was actually taken in a hospital. Because if you look at the satellite images of the local hospital, BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua, there are signs that speak for it at first glance.

Im Social network Reddit One user noted various features of Lavrov’s image and compared them to satellite images of the hospital. So, among others, the palm trees, characteristic features of the house and the pool. Of course, nothing was said about the foreign minister’s health. Nevertheless, the official version of the Russian Foreign Minister that the rumors of a possible illness are fake is called into question.

Is the hospital theory true?

For comparison, he posted a photo from the hotel’s website Pool area of ​​Mulia Resort’s “Presidential Villa”. indicates. There are lawn chairs, pool loungers, and lamps just like in Lavro’s video. The composition of the swimming pool and surrounding buildings also fits the environment in the clip. Contrary to the fuzzy satellite image of the hospital, they provide further clues that this is actually where the minister is. The fact that many supporters of the hospital theory have deleted their messages on Twitter is another indication that Lavrov was indeed at the hotel when the video was taken.

After the first media report of Lavrov being hospitalized, the Foreign Minister denied the report. “This is nothing new in politics,” Lavrov said on Monday. “Western journalists must become more truthful – they must write what is true.” A spokesman for the ministry described the information as “the pinnacle of forgery”. The Russian Foreign Ministry later released a video purportedly showing Lavrov on a hotel terrace in Indonesia.

The AP news agency, citing Indonesian officials, said Lavrov was hospitalized after arriving in Bali for the G20 meeting. The 72-year-old was treated for heart disease. Bali Governor Iwayan Koster told Reuters that Lavrov made a brief visit to a hospital in Sangla where he was examined. “He was in good health,” Koster said. After the examination, Lavrov immediately left the hospital.

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