Trump’s star lawyer is under increasing pressure

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In the US, Trump’s investigation is drawing ridicule – but also has serious consequences. Now Giuliani has also been charged. What about a court case?

NEW YORK CITY — A second hearing in Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial will begin Monday. However, the Republican refused to testify, contrary to recent comments from Trump’s attorney Alina Hubba. The case is worth a total of $250 million, but Trump’s first appearance in court was confusing.

Alina Hubba insisted before the hearing that Trump was “not afraid” to give a second statement. He said outside court Thursday that the former president had no “cow” under the charges and was happy to take the witness stand a second time. Trump also took this direction until recently.

Trump’s Facebook post on Sunday followed. On that day True community He explained in a post, all in capital letters, that he had already made a successful and convincing statement in November.

Donald Trump and Alina Huba in the courtroom. (Archive photo) © IMAGO/Doug Mills

Trump’s lack of testimony draws ridicule

Trump critic Ron Filipkowski was among those who previously shared X on Twitter about Habba’s comments and Trump’s departure. Critics, such as talk show host Barry Markson and reporter Jonathan Ford, pointed out that Trump acted as a scaremonger, contradicting the lawyer’s statements.

There was also criticism from the Justice Department: Civil attorney Scott Hechinger wrote a memo to “lawyers. [und] Public”. There he explained that there should be no promise that a witness statement would be forthcoming. However, he also emphasized that deviation from a statement does not amount to a crime.

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Donald Trump continues to deny any wrongdoing. Trump cited expert testimony from Eli Barto, a research professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business. He said on Thursday that there was “no evidence” of financial fraud. Judge Arthur Engron has already ruled that fraud has occurred — leaving only the punishment for Trump and his real estate company open.

Letitia James wants to extend Trump’s gag order

Trump, supported by his additional attorney Chris Kiss, strongly argues that legal counsel James is biased against him. Letitia James is the recipient of Trump’s system roll. He accused her of using fraudulent financial statements to inflate the value of her assets. His statements were not without consequences for the Office of Legal Counsel.

Senior legal counsel Letitia James said the group spoke in favor of extending the sting order imposed on Trump, US Portal reported. Newsweek. Because of the investigation and Trump’s hostile statements, they received hundreds of threatening and anti-Semitic messages. Trump’s legal team sought to block the gag order in November. However, James’ office argued in court in favor of a gag order because of the connection between Trump’s ad and hostile statements and threatening messages.

Trump was joined by Giuliani in the accusation

Former President Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer is also now under investigation for supporting Donald Trump’s claims about manipulation of the 2020 election. According to the indictment, election workers in Atlanta counted up to 24,000 ballots illegally and unobserved, he said.

Rudy Giuliani in front of the microphone
Giuliani has been in a good public light so far. (Archive photo) © IMAGO/Aaron Schwartz

The irony is that the basis of the indictment is a law that Giuliani has made a name for himself. The former New York City mayor made a name for himself nationwide with the “Rockier Influenced and Corrupt Corporations Act,” or Ricoh Act, when he served as the lead prosecutor against the Italian-American Mafia in the 1980s.

The Trump investigation, now with the indictment of Giuliani, seems to be getting bigger — and it’s questionable whether the whole thing will be wrapped up by the 2024 presidential primaries. It remains to be seen what sentence Trump and his co-defendants will face. (Lisa Mahnke)

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