Trump doesn’t believe in a hostage deal with Hamas

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Former US President Donald Trump has not left his comments on the war in Israel. A Republican sometimes capitalizes.

PALM BEACH, Florida – Donald Trump has made significant comments about the hostage-taking deal. “This won’t end well!” The former US president wrote on his truth social site. “Has anyone noticed that Hamas is sending people back from other countries?” Newsweek Trump entered the war on Israel on November 26.

“There is only one reason for this: no respect for our country or our leadership,” Trump said. “This is a very sad and dark time in America!” He said, and continued: “Hamas now wants a better deal for the hostages. This will not end well!”

Hamas hostage from US: “She suffered a terrible trauma”

According to US President Joe Biden, a four-year-old girl with Israeli and US citizenship is among the hostages freed from the Gaza Strip. “She’s free, she’s in Israel now,” the president said during a speech in the US state of Massachusetts on Sunday (November 26). But he added: “She suffered terrible trauma.”

Donald Trump on the campaign trail in Texas.  The former president also wants to visit Argentina soon.
Israel Uses “True Society” for Comments on War: Republican Donald Trump © IMAGO/Delcia Lopez

Little Abigail was kidnapped from Israel to the Gaza Strip along with about 240 other hostages by the radical Islamist group Hamas on October 7. White House counsel Jack Sullivan says the girl “saw her parents killed in front of her” during a brutal Islamist attack on Israeli villages. The president said the girl turned four on Friday while still in custody.

Biden stressed that the US government is committed to extending the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, which expires on Monday evening. “We will not rest until all hostages are returned to their loved ones.” According to the White House, ten American citizens — seven men, two women and little Abigail — are believed to have been abducted by Hamas to the Gaza Strip. . (frs)

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