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Travis Scott Should Be In Prison: Astroworld Documentary Maker


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Behind bars, filmmaker Travis Scott says: New Documentary About the Astroworld tragedy, “Concert Crush”.

“Travis Scott is for me a punk,” “victim-led” documentary filmmaker Charlie Maine told Page Six. In my opinion, he is a criminal. Ten people died. How do we overcome that? ”

Four hundred lawsuits against Scott, Live Nation, and others involved in Astroworld have been combined into a single civil case Representing nearly 2,800 victims. They have been accused of negligence.

Before the suits merged, Scott and Live Nation He denied the allegations.

Scott’s concert in November resulted in 10 deaths – between the ages of 9 and 27 – and many injuries as the crowd mounts.

Maine claims, “The reason he deserved the criticism and the prison sentence, he knew there was a problem.” “he is Confess to an ambulance in the crowd. He noticed that people fainted and he stopped the show on three occasions. I’m not saying he knew people were dead, but he knew there was a problem. An ambulance is not an ice cream truck.”

An ambulance in the hustle and bustle of Astroworld.
An ambulance made its way through the crowd during the concert.
Twitter @ONACASELLA via Reuters

The document is shown in select theaters in Texas and begins Friday for one week only. It is also available for online streaming. It includes interviews with eight people who attended the ceremony and gave eyewitness accounts of what happened.

Maine says he’s trying to give victims a voice and tells us that he hopes, “Every concert planner and promoter uses Astroworld as a model for what not to do.”

“I don’t want to see someone else get hurt at a concert again,” he says. “The last time you checked in, you were supposed to go for fun, not fight for your life.”

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A spokesman for Scott told Page Six, “Mr. Scott hasn’t seen the movie. Nobody really has.” The actor also criticized the film, calling it a “blatant piece of publicity.”

“This movie is not a serious investigation,” a source close to Scott said, calling it “biased,” noting that it was produced by the plaintiffs’ attorney.

According to Billboard, Live Nation Lawyers He raised concerns for the judge about the film Maine, which is being produced with the victims’ attorney, Ricardo Ramos.

“The participation of the plaintiffs’ attorneys in the film, and the publicity that the directors and producers are trying to promote, raise important issues around efforts to discredit the jury,” the attorneys wrote in a letter to the judge overseeing the festival’s lawsuit.

Sorrow mourning outside at a makeshift shrine to the victims
Mourners gathered to mourn those who lost their lives.
AFP via Getty Images

Minn tells us that he has not been contacted by Live Nation.

Scott said he was “shattered” and “sad” by the disaster. He told radio host Charlemagne tha God that He didn’t hear a scream.

In March, Scott launched HEAL . projectIt is an initiative that aims to make juveniles safer and protect young people.

Scott also previously told Charlemagne, “Anytime you can hear something like this, you want to stop the show, you want to make sure fans get the proper attention they need. And any time I’ve seen anything like that, I’ve done it. I’ve stopped it a few times just to make sure. That everyone is fine.”

He continued that because of the lighting, fireworks, and sound of the show, it can be hard to tell what’s going on during the performance. “You can only help with what you see and whatever you are told, when they tell you to stop, you stop,” he said.

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Maine says Scott is not the only one who should be held accountable.

“I want to make myself clear: I don’t just blame Travis Scott,” Maine tells us. “There’s a lot of blame to go around…it’s almost our six-year anniversary, and no one has been held accountable.”

Scott has recently returned to public life. he is It has scheduled performance On May 7 at Club E11even during the Formula One Grand Prix in Miami, it will headline the Primavera Sound Festival in South America.

He has also played special events, Including Coachella BashAlthough cut off From the official line-up for the festival – and a Attend a pre-Oscar party Like Leo DiCaprio.

he is too Featured on rapper Future track “Hold That Heat” released this weekend.

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