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HomesportTravis Kelsey reveals what he wants to say at the White House

Travis Kelsey reveals what he wants to say at the White House


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June 8, 2023 | 8:08 p.m

Travis Kelsey explained the White House shenanigans.

Earlier this week, when presidents visited the White House, Kelsey disingenuously approached the microphone on the podium and began saying, “I’ve always wanted to do this…” before quarterback Patrick Mahomes quickly whisked him away.

On the “New Heights Show” podcast with his brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, Travis explained the purpose of the whole charade.

“Obviously, the President, on the podium, he’s creative, and how he addresses the audience — to my fellow Americans. That’s all I wanted to say, dude,” Travis said.

Jason was surprised, and asked his brother, “That’s all you want to say?”

“That’s it,” Travis said. “I shouldn’t have started with ‘I’ve always wanted to do this.'” “

Travis Kelsey revealed what he was trying to do when he approached the White House microphone earlier this week.
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Jason thought that if his brother had gone this route, he might not have been thwarted so quickly.

“If I had started with ‘My Fellow Americans…’ it would have been a great show,” said Jason. “I don’t think they would have fired you. If someone came up to the podium and said, ‘My fellow Americans’ it would be like, ‘Well, what would this guy say?'”

Travis was aware that he was being saved by the quarterback.

“Pat knew I was in my head,” Travis admitted.

Jason agreed, “Pat knew right away when you pointed, he was like, ‘There’s nothing there.'” This is a flanking motion if I know Travis. It’s perfume. “

Travis revealed that he may have played this trick once or twice before, and that Mahomes knew exactly what kind of trick was going.

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“He’s seen that before,” Travis admitted. “Shouted to Pat for stopping me from embarrassing myself on that stage in front of the world.”

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