The month of November has marked the entry of some impressive applications in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft has been a good platform for the development of powerful apps by developers from all over the world. The apps listed below have been analyzed according to features that include performance, user-friendliness, and fan favoritism.


Groupy is a remarkable app that enables you to drag any required app, program or even a file into a single tab where all these are grouped at one place. This app aims to enable quick and easy multitasking, especially for the devices with small screens. One can also run numerous illustrations of a single app in this grouped tab which helps create a tab-based file explorer. Microsoft is planning to implement this experience of the grouped tab into future versions of Windows 10 in the form of “Sets” which will be directly a part of the features provided by this operating system. “Sets” hasn’t been made available for use, neither for the general public or insiders. However, you can get the same experience by getting Groupy which shall be made available for download by the end of this year. For the ones in for a beta version, the app shall be available earlier than the scheduled release. The beta version is restricted to users of Object Desktop only. Once Groupy is released next month, it shall be available on Windows 10 at a price of $9.99.


MusicBee is an app that automatically manages all your music files. Regardless of the fact that people today choose to stream music rather than downloading them, many still follow the old habit of purchasing music for a personal customized library. MusicBee easily imports all your music as well as album information from iTunes and any other available source. It also carries a feature that automatically tags all your content. MusicBee is a versatile app that excels in many small things and makes a great app on the whole. Apart from being a personal music library, this app has the gapless playback feature, handy mini music player, a direct streaming feature from sound-cloud as well as band equalization feature. The app is available for free in the Microsoft Store.


Recently Microsoft has been bringing numerous professional apps to the store, and the very recent addition to this section is Transcriptable. This app helps you with your transcribing needs by slowing down or speeding up the audio for a speech or statement. The app has a special option of keeping the distortions low, to enable clarity in understanding the audio even at a slow speed. With the availability of five various frequency ranges, you can equalize male or female voice along with telephone calls as well. Transcriptable helps you transcribe huge chunk of text at a faster speed with more than ten hotkeys. This app is available for use in Windows 10 at a price of $39.99.

Paddington Run: Endlessly Fun Adventures

For game lovers, Microsoft has introduced the new Paddington Run that is similar to any other chase based game but with different levels, small alternate mini-games, and a global leader-board. The game is all about protecting the player from obstacles and grabbing prizes along the way. The app is free to install but contains in-app purchases.

Sense Weather

Sense Weather is available at the Microsoft store at $2.39 and has been constructed to use the special features implemented in a Windows Platform. Along with providing weather updates expected from any weather application, it also shows elements like lock screen support, live tiles, and multi-location pins as well.