Famous online social media and social networking service company Facebook has also a great messaging app called Messenger through which users can chat, send messages, images to their Facebook friends without actually opening the social media site. Messenger has got more than 1 billion monthly users. Launched in 2011, the chatting app has undergone many changes with the passage of time to provide its users a complete fully-fledged, standalone form of communication along with interesting features. So, here are the top 5 features of Facebook Messenger App

  1. Log-in to Messenger by using your number: This is one of the best features of Facebook Messenger App. If you do not have a Facebook account then also you can use Messenger App. You just have to enter your phone number and that’s it. You are logged-in to the Messenger. This feature allows you use Messenger independently without any involvement of Facebook.


  1. Make HD voice and video call through Messenger: The Facebook Messenger App is not only about sending text messages to your friends and relatives. You can also make free HD voice and video calls to your near and dear ones if you have a stable internet connection. You can also record voice message and send it to your friends.


  1. Send a map of any location through Messenger: This is a very important feature as only having everything cannot be informed or indicated through text message or images. So, if you want to meet people at a particular spot and they do not know the location or do not know where you are then you can send the map of the exact location through Messenger.


  1. The mind-blowing stickers and GIFs: This is the most interesting as well as fun part of Facebook Messenger. If you are bored with normal texts then you can chat with your friends using delightful, cute, weird and expressive stickers as well as GIFs. There are many stickers available in messenger to match your Mood. For example, if you are Happy or sad, then you can send stickers expressing happiness or sadness. You can also have fun sending and receiving interesting GIFs.


  1. Send money through Messenger: If you have to send money to your friend and you do not cash then you do not have to worry. Facebook Messenger allows you to send and receive money directly from your conversation. You just have to ass your debit card to your account to send money securely.