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Top 20 NBA takeover nominees: Goran Dragic, Tristan Thompson and Dennis Schroeder among the names to watch


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The buying market tends to be somewhat predictable. Accomplished veterans of bloated contracts are counting down the days until the deadline has passed and their teams can officially say they’ve exhausted all avenues toward a potential deal. When that day comes, this expected number of veterans are given their freedom.

There are plenty of traditional takeover candidates this season, but there are some real surprises too. Unexpected deals, maneuvers in the list of candidates and disgruntled impending free agents helped create a rather interesting class of candidates for acquisition. Not all of these players will make it to the open market. Not all of them are even takeover candidates, they are players that have been or can still be ceded. But the next 20 players make up the crucial part of the mid-season free agent market.


  • Dennis Schroeder: Fans mock Schroeder for turning down an $84 million contract last season, but how many acquisition players were left out for just one year from getting a $84 million contract? This is the strange situation Schroeder found himself in after being traded to Houston on Deadline. He was the sixth man of the year in two years. He’s an inconsistent shooter and tends to nibble on more than he can chew offensively, but he’s a speed demon and a true pest at the point of attack defensively. He has the plus to becoming one of the best possession additions ever. Watch out for Milwaukee yet dollars trade Donte DiVincenzo What a pity Pat Connaughton to injury. a Lakers A reunion has also been rumored, but the guard is the only place they have real depth. Houston could simply hold on to Schroeder, but this is one of the seasoned veterans who has to dedicate minutes to him. Acquisition makes the most sense here.
  • DJ Augustin: Augustine was waived to make room on the Houston roster to bring in Schroeder in Daniel Theiss trade. His shooting has improved since his disastrous stint in Milwaukee, but at his age, he’s little more than an extra veteran for a bench.
  • Gary Harris: Harris completely forgot how to shoot in his last few years with nuggets, but once in Orlando, he rediscovered the form that once helped make him one of the highest-paid shooters in the NBA. Harris brings a little bit of everything offensively and remains a useful defender against most guards. He should be in a playoff if he wants to get out of Orlando.
  • Goran Dragic: Dragic has wanted a buyout for some time, and after he was traded to San Antonio, his wish was granted. Dallas is an instant favorite considering his friendship with him Luka Doncicbut watch out for Miami, who can now legally re-sign it thanks to the San Antonio trade.
  • Eric Bledsoe: A Bledsoe purchase appears unlikely at the moment. He has $3.9 million guaranteed for next season, and the Blazers will probably want to explore his off-season trading before committing to paying him any of that money. If the Blazers want to focus on their younger players, a return to Milwaukee could be a good fit for Bledsoe.
  • John Wall: the missiles She hasn’t negotiated a potential purchase with Wall in months. Will that change now that the deadline has passed or? Russell Westbrook Trade coming? Probably not, but Wall would be very desirable if he was given his free agency. the heat And clippers Both have been linked to him in the past, and even if he refused physically, he was a guard who was fully prepared to launch in Houston last season before injury ended his season.
  • Russell Westbrook: Well, you cheated. There are 19 buyout candidates listed here because there is no world in which the Lakers would buy Westbrook. This just needs to be said. They will never turn his salary into dead money. They will want to use it as an off-season trading chip when it becomes an expired trade.
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  • Thomas Satoransky: San Antonio took over Satoransky’s contract in the Hernangomez trade merely for a second-round pick, but neither would have counted in their long-term plans. It’s hard to find bigger ball players of the season, and even if Satoransky doesn’t join the play-off tournament, he’ll be a nice extra body for injuries and back-and-backs.
  • DeAndre ‘Bembry: This was one of the most surprising moves of the day. the Networks Need to give up a player in order to free up the list space needed to trade for Ben Simmons, but Pempri has been a fairly effective two-way winger this season. Players like this, even those not proven like Bembry on a meaningful sample, will never be available in the middle of the season. Someone is going to bring in a pempri to see if they can capitalize on his success in Brooklyn.
  • Kent Basemore: The Lakers are looking to make an addition or two in the acquisition market, and that means giving up at least one player to make room on the roster. Besmore was relegated to emergency missions only, but remember he opened the season as a start. He’s still a solid defender and hit 40 percent behind the arc at Golden State a season ago. Fighting for the Lakers’ disastrous dysfunction doesn’t mean Bazimore can’t help a normal team.
  • Kevin Knox: the hawks Knox landed in Cam Reddish Dealing, but just as Reddish struggles to find minutes in a crowded place nicks Team, Knox has been glued to the bench in Atlanta since his arrival. Hawks already have a blank spot on the candidate list for use in the buyout market, but Knox would probably prefer going somewhere that could give him more steady minutes. If Atlanta doesn’t plan to re-sign him, they might not mind letting him go.
  • Rodney Hood: Hood clippers and . recovered Semi Ojeley In the Serge Ibaka A bargain, and while they probably won’t be in the buyout market, Clippers has a front desk imaginative enough to see the benefits of clearing an extra spot on the list. It’s a chance to test players in 10 days and maybe take advantage of concessions (as they did with Rodney McGruder several years ago). Hood has struggled really hard over the past two seasons, so he’s the most likely candidate here.

grown ups

  • Robin Lopez: Hook shooting enthusiasts, get ready. Lopez stuck in the back Mo Bamba Wendell Carter is in Orlando, but even in his 30s, Lopez is a good enough defensive player to contribute to the win. Golden State was interested in the past. They make more sense as a team in need of securing a center considering the health issues all of their senior men carry.
  • Juancho Hernangomes: Utah would likely use Hernangomez as an additional shooter, but he likely won’t be in rotation once he joins the Jazz. If Utah wanted to create a place on a different player’s roster, Hernangomez would be a candidate to waive it. And given his shots, he can definitely play in some minutes in a good team.
  • Tristan Thompson: Thompson was handled from Sacramento to Indiana, and although Pacers Fixed central minutes can be used with Dumantas Sabonis gold and Miles Turner Painfully, Thompson would likely have preferred to play for a competitor. The Lakers may not qualify anymore, but his relationship with LeBron James And the chance to potentially play for real minutes Dwight Howard And Deandre Jordan It can make them an interesting destination.
  • Paul Millsap: Brooklyn spent months searching for a new home for Millsap. They finally managed to dump it in James Harden trade, but 76ers You will likely give it away or buy it in order to upgrade in the acquisition market themselves. The Lakers were considered as a potential destination.
  • Deandre Jordan: Jordan was signed in hopes of regaining the physical strength and size that helped the Lakers win the 2020 championship. It was largely unplayable, and the Lakers will certainly look for a replacement through the buyout market.
  • go ahead derek: the Thunder sound Hold on to the favorites until the deadline in case they need his expired contract as a paycheck ballast, but a respected veteran like him might prefer trying to join a winner. Sam Presti tends to accept such requests, especially when he’s trying to scramble, but the Favours have struggled over the past few seasons and probably shouldn’t be in a playoff anymore.
  • Anis Al-Hurriya: Another victim of the Boston-Houston trade, Freedom has already been waived. Teams badly find out that “you can’t play Kanter” in the playoffs, but his attack can be very useful for second units in the regular season. Of course, given his recent political commentary, teams likely won’t be particularly excited about the idea of ​​bringing him into the dressing room.
  • Georgie Deng: Another hook struggles to see the court. There are teams that love a huge guy who can still protect the edge for a bit, but given Atlanta’s winning priorities now, they’ll likely stick with Deng as insurance rather than risk possession.

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