Ubisoft has officially confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege will soon get its first co-op event. The game’s third year of content, Operation Chimera”, will bring its first co-op event which will be called OutBreak. The co-op event will run for period of four weeks and will bring an exclusive cosmetics collection which will be only available during the event.

That being said, the publisher is yet to confirm as to when the event will go live. However, Ubisoft has promised that all details of the new Outbreak Mode, and Operation Chimera will be announced in Montreal at the Six Invitational next year. And just like in the past, Rainbow Six Siege’s third year of content also brings two new operatives who’ll be available in Outbreak and the game’s regular multiplayer matches, along with a host of fixes and improvements.

Ubisoft has also confirmed that Year 3 of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will be available for purchase on December 12, and will be divided into four seasons. It’ll also arrive with plenty of add-ons which includes 8 new operators, 2 brand new maps set in Italy and Morocco, along with one existing map make over with a new level design and art direction. In other news, Ubisoft also recently released the final season of Year Two of Rainbow Six Siege, called Operation White Noise, along with a new map called Mok Myeok Tower.

To recall, Ubisoft released Rainbow Six Siege back in 2015. Initially, the tactical-shooter couldn’t garner enough popularity among players. Though despite the slow start, the game finally found its mojo last year and now boasts a whopping player base of 15 million. It was the release of four expansion packs in 2016 which introduced new weapons, new maps, and two new operators, that injected a new life into the game and helped it burst onto the booming ESL scene.