Apple CEO Tim Cook, on Wednesday, talked about various Apple-related topics in an interview with MSNBC and Recode taken by Chris Hayes and Kara Swisher. In the interview, he criticized CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and gave his comment on how the social network like Facebook handles user data.

As per Cook, social network blocks the personal life of users and their data is not safe with them. But, Apple knows how to treat its users and never traffic their personal life. Pointing toward Facebook, Cook stated the company who collects and shares personal information is called as an invasion of privacy.

After the recently happened Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is now going through some serious trouble. As per the report without proper consent of the user, the political consulting firm had obtained around 50 million Facebook users’ data. This was informed by an academic, who violated Facebook privacy policies.

This incident has given an opportunity to Cook to point out how much Apple cares about its user’s personal data and how strict Apple is to maintain the privacy and security. When Swisher asked him what he will do if he was in the place of Zuckerberg, he clearly stated, “I wouldn’t be in this situation.” Cook stated Apple has been following the way of the late Steve Jobs. He once stated that for Apple it is important to maintain user privacy in contrast to its competitors.

Cook further stated, “This is not something that we just started last week when we saw something happening.” Apple can make a lot of money if it monetised its customers, but the company will not do that. For Apple, privacy is a human right and a civil liberty. The entire interview will be aired on 6th April on MSNBC.