There are pictures of Filipino students wearing anti-cheating hats


When Marie Joy Mandan Ortiz students came to campus for their mid-term exams this month, they were ready — not just with the knowledge to complete a mechanical engineering exam, but with a variety of caps, helmets, sheets, and umbrellas.

Ostensibly, it was a head covering to prevent cheating. Mandan Ortiz, a professor at the University of Bicol School of Engineering in the Philippines, saw photos on Facebook Hats Against Cheating at a school in Thailand It was amusing to see students sitting for exams with sheets of paper hanging on the sides of their heads like dog ears.

She said she had no problems with her students cheating, so the hats were “just for fun.”

She said she didn’t expect such weird hats from her mechanical engineering students — or the overwhelming positive response after her photos of the hats went viral in local news reports.

Some were practical – one student closed himself with cartons of eggs; He put another tube over his eyes to create actual tunnel vision. Others wore wigs, ornate boxes, or dressed like cartoon characters. Another was simply wearing a motorcycle helmet.

“I was surprised because I simply asked for it [they make] Very simple, but they made very creative things,”

The students wanted the middle of the semester to be memorable because they were excited to go back for their first personal exams after coming home during the worst of times. Corona Virus Pandemic, Mandan Ortiz said.

She hasn’t finished marking all the exams yet but said the students finished their exams quickly and completed each question. “I’m so proud of them,” she said. “I am very happy because they are very talented students. The exam is supposed to be stressful and scary, but they made it more fun and awesome. That’s why they excelled in our exam.”

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