Then Donald Trump suddenly talked about Angela Merkel

S.Donald Trump has not held a rally since October 2021, but he has arbitrarily said that a press conference is planned to mark the anniversary of the Capitol attack. On Saturday evening (local time), the former president in Arizona then appeared in front of his fans. We analyze Trump’s performance.

Surrounding: Trump spoke well for an hour and a half, as he once did in the open air in front of supporters in Florence, Arizona. The wind is blowing, and Trump wears a red hat called “Make America Great Again” (he was the 45th president) with the number “45”. Also a long dark coat, white shirt, top two buttons deflected. Before beginning his speech, he throws red MAGA hats at the audience.

Central News: “We have achieved a huge success,” Trump says at the outset. Trump, in his usual flexible speech, talks about his defeat in the 2020 presidential election. This is a very important topic. Trump continues to spread his myth that the election is “taken”, “stolen” and “evidence” from him. He attacks the “fake news” and “lamstream” media. Referring to the 2016 and 2020 elections, Trump says, “I ran twice, we won twice.” He won even more in the 2020 election. Also: He is “hungry for truth”.

Trump talks about the “China virus” again – and attacks Fossie

Attacks on Biden: His successor Joe Biden makes things easier for Donald Trump. The United States is experiencing seven percent inflation. Biden did not receive his social and climate package through the Senate. The Philippere abolition he demanded by party friends failed.

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Biden’s reputation is grounded. But Trump has not stopped describing his successor’s massive problems. “Radical left-wing democrats destroying our country,” he says. He calls Biden a “national disaster”, laments inflation, and says grocery store shelves are empty, you can not buy Christmas presents, and the military is weak. The chaotic departure from Afghanistan was “the most embarrassing moment in American history”. He criticized the planned removal of Philippester, who he (failed) demanded as president.

Wrong world: When Trump was his own president, he underestimated the corona virus. Now he complains that – exactly – the number of people admitted to the registered hospital and the poor test infrastructure. He attacks his former health adviser Anthony Fossie and his influence. He did not listen to them, but Biden listened to him.

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“The Fossie King,” Trump said. As president, Trump spoke almost affectionately about “Tony” and now he only calls him “Fossie”. The crowd cheers. As he once did when he said Hillary Clinton’s name, “Lock him up!” So now Fossie is replacing Clinton. Trump uses the word “China virus”, which he sometimes avoids. You should leave children alone with govt protection measures as they have better immunity. This was shown by the coit infection of his son Baron.

Teasing: Trump mocks Pita, he sometimes confuses states, he talks about Idaho. He mocks the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, as “Crazy Nancy.” Pelosi wants to go to Florida, he says. But he did not want her to be there.

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West Palm Beach residents make it clear to Donald Trump by protesting outside his home that he does not want to be a neighbor.

Internal pressure: Trump called current Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Duchy ‘terrible’. He supports Carrie Lake as a candidate for governor, allowing him to be praised on stage. “American corporate fathers will be Trump Republicans,” Lake says.

Background: In Arizona, Biden won the 2020 election by a margin of 10,000 votes, which showed several recounts. The government of Arizona obeyed the law. Meanwhile, the governor’s candidate is threatening to imprison Lake Arizona’s election commissioner. Your candidate for the victory of that election leader is the one who protested in front of the Capitol on January 6th. Trump spoke out against his inner-party critic Liz Cheney and the Senate minority leader: “We need to get rid of McCann!” Mitch McConnell recently warned his party not only to talk about the election that Trump lost, but to look forward to it.

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Einstein die first family in the United States: Melania, Baron, Donald Jr., Donald, Eric, Jared Kushner and Ivanka

After the presidency

Visitor Number: The Trump-loving television station Newsmax talked about “thousands” of viewers and shows different rows of empty folding chairs. Trump has called on viewers of CNN and Fox television stations that do not broadcast the rally to show up. He talks about 55,000 spectators, and the line of cars for the rally stretches for 40 kilometers. But: the media are “very dishonest people”.

Trump and his January 6 conspiracy theory

Communism Warning: “Left-wing Democrats want to turn America into a communist country,” Trump said during the election campaign. He warns against “fascism” from the left. In the case of abortion, he says the Democrats want the baby to be killed after birth.

January 6, 2021: Trump has not ruled himself out since a pro-Trump mob attacked Capitol a year ago. He avoids self-criticism, but rather spreads the theory of relativity and conspiracy.

Secret FBI agents were at the meeting, including those who led the Capitol storm, Trump says.

Trump in the presence of his supporters in Florence, Arizona

Trump in the presence of his supporters in Florence, Arizona


From the point of view of criminals, he speaks of “political prisoners.” He asks: “What will happen to these people in prison?” These people lived in “hell”. Democrats celebrated their “indefinite detention.” Prisons are miserable and dirty, Trump complains – a new topic for him. If these people are innocent, “we must support them.” Democrats did not imprison “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter” activists. On January 6, the commission of inquiry “malicious”, “witch hunting”, “Stalinist show investigation”: “This is a communist country.” After the midterm elections in November, the Republican majority in Congress will clarify “what”. It really happened. “Then she will dedicate herself to the” stealth election. Massive evidence of fraud will soon emerge. Finally: “If I had lost, I would not have had so much crowd.”

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On January 6, 2021, about 800 Trump supporters entered the building, killing five people

Intervention for Merkel: Among his guests, Trump welcomes Richard Grenell, who once served as US ambassador to Berlin: “When I brought him back, Angela Merkel was the happiest woman in the world.”

Looking to 2024: In the future, Trump (postal voters) has demanded that only veterans and the seriously ill serving abroad be allowed to vote by post. America must now understand better again. “America is no better this time.” Rather, it is a “laughing stock”. In the congressional elections in November, “Marxists” will be displayed, followed by a major Republican “wave”. The United States in 2022 and the White House in 2024. Trump did not say a word about who should run for Republican. To him, 78 years old then? Trump is unusually quiet. There has to be a little excitement. He wants to hold his next rally in two weeks, and then in Texas.

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