Cambridge Analytica which is data analytics firm that claims to help Donald Trump get elected to president position was suspended by Facebook for violation of its policies. The firm has collected about some 50 million peoples data without their permission, according to a report by The New York Times.

Facebook claims about the service is not breached has put the company in an awkward situation. Facebook offers a variety of tools for software developers and the most popular tool is Facebook Login. The Facebook Login helps the user to log in in a simple way to their account. Users find it easy as it is of one or two-step process and users no need to remember a huge data required to access the account.

In 2015, Dr. Aleksandr Kogan who is a Cambridge University Professor had created an app named “thisisyourdidgitallife” which uses the Facebook’s login feature. it is said that about 270,000 people use this feature to create their accounts and in this process, they share their personal data with Kogan. In that year Facebook is said to allow some developers to collect the information about people on the friend network who used the Facebook Login feature. This means when a developer gets a data of a user he also has some data about the friends of the user. Facebook said that this feature is documented and it is no longer available to developers as it is updated.

Things got out of hands for Facebook when Kogan share this data with Cambridge Analytica, which is against the company’s service terms. According to the Facebook, policy developers are not allowed to transfer the user’s data that they received. The problem of the company is it gives a huge trust to its developers who use the software features. The company rules show that Facebook can punish someone for breaking the rules.