The war between Israel and Hamas lasts for two months, with Hamas launching dozens of rockets towards Israel

EXCLUSIVE: Jewish employees at TikTok share details of hostile, anti-Semitic work environment

Jewish and Israeli employees of Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok They started talking About what they say is an increasingly hostile and unsafe working environment, including harassment, personal attacks and even boycotts, since Hamas carried out its massacre in Israel on October 7 and the subsequent Israeli war in Gaza.

In interviews with Fox Business, Jewish employees said they have received little support from senior management since Hamas attacked Israel, and they believe the company has lost control of the app’s 40,000 moderators, who, they say, allow claims that have been proven false and hostile. Anti-Semitic and anti-Semitic. Israel is content to remain on the site based on its personal views with little fact checking.

Jewish employees told Fox Business that anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments are freely expressed by other employees on the company’s internal chat system, Lark, which includes a recently created support group dedicated to Palestinians but no such option for Israelis because the company deemed it too political. .

The company required its employees to utilize an existing Jewish support group, even though not all Israelis were Jewish and Hamas targeted Jews and non-Jews alike. A TikTok spokesperson said the company disputed the claims and said they “do not reflect the experience of the majority of our employees.”

“TikTok has strong policies against discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and employees are encouraged to report concerns — anonymously if they choose,” the spokesperson said. “Every incident is investigated by the appropriate internal team.”

The spokesman added: “Our CEO sent a letter to all employees condemning the October 7 attacks, and the company published a statement on our website as well.” “TikTok had an internal group called MazalTok, to provide resources and a community for our Jewish and Israeli employees that had doubled in size since the start of the war.”

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