The war between Israel and Hamas and the truce in Gaza extends for the seventh day

French President Emmanuel Macron attends a meeting in Paris on November 22. Muhammad Badra/Pool/Reuters

French President Emmanuel Macron celebrated the release of French-Israeli citizen Mia Shem, the latest round of hostages released by Hamas on Thursday.

“Mia Shim is free. It is a great joy that I share with her family and all the French people,” Macron said in a post on social media.

He added, “I also express my solidarity with all those who remain hostage by Hamas. France is working with its partners to release them as soon as possible.”

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna also posted a message on social media about the 21-year-old’s release.

“Mia has regained her freedom,” Colonna said. “I share the happiness of a family enjoying dignity in adversity. I will continue to work with Emmanuel Macron to ensure the return of all French people.”

Skeem was kidnapped from the Nova Festival near the Gaza Strip after Hamas militants launched a terrorist attack on October 7. Before her arrest, she worked at a tattoo parlor, according to the Forum for Families of Hostages and Missing Persons.

Shortly after the attack, Hamas released a video showing Shim lying in bed, her arm wrapped in bandages by someone out of frame. A long, new scar appeared.

Speaking to the camera, Skeem, who appeared pale but was sitting upright with her head held high, said she had been injured and taken to Gaza, then asked to be returned to her family.

After the video was published, Macron called for her “immediate and unconditional release,” denouncing “the despicable way in which this was done.” [the video] “I stay.”

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