The United States has received a concrete threat from a Russian nuclear attack on Ukraine

In the fall of 2022, the Ukrainian Armed Forces managed to encircle the Russian army during their counteroffensive in the east of the country. What initially seemed like a victory for Russia-attacked Ukraine was actually a very dangerous time.

die “New York Times” A statement made clear that Russia was seriously considering using nuclear weapons in Ukraine at the time. Among other things, information comes from intercepted and strictly confidential communications. Even one of Russia's highest-ranking military commanders openly discussed the logistical challenges of a nuclear explosion on the battlefield.

According to the CIA, if Ukraine tries to retake Crimea, the likelihood of Russia using nuclear weapons “increases by 50 percent or more.”

In October 2022, US President Joe Biden spoke about Russia threatening to use nuclear weapons for the first time since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A potential deployment should not be expected at some point in the distant future, which could be a few weeks away.

The U.S. government prepared non-nuclear countermeasures, such as a direct attack on Russia's nuclear arsenal. High-level diplomatic discussions were also held.

Can Scholz help avoid the menace?

Chancellor Olaf Scholes reportedly spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping in November 2022. The two also reportedly discussed the threat of global nuclear war.

Xi later publicly insisted on avoiding a nuclear crisis in Eurasia. It is unclear whether he warned Putin in a private conversation about using nuclear weapons.

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Russia has reportedly said it does not want to use nuclear weapons. CIA Director William J. Burns learned this from a conversation with the head of Russian foreign intelligence, Sergei Naryshkin. Burns reportedly made it clear to Naryshkin that “there will be clear consequences for Russia.”

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