The ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Trailer takes a look at the highs and lows of the Premier League

Apple is finally ready to show off more than a brief glimpse of the Ted LassoNext chapter. The company owns subscriber Its first full trailer for the Apple TV+ show’s season 3, and it’s clear the new episodes will illustrate the highs and lows as AFC Richmond returns to the Premier League. The team’s search for redemption and confrontation with Nate (now with West Ham United) remain the two main arcs, but the apparent off-field drama is just as important as before.

The trailer suggests that Nate has mixed feelings about his split, and that the new season will delve deeper into the relationship between Kelly and Roy. We’ll also obviously see more attention spent on Jimmy, and Ted’s son showing up. Roy’s role as assistant coach is already known to be a factor in the plot, as is Rebecca’s rivalry with Robert’s ex.

Ted Lasso Returns March 15th with new episodes arriving every week. It’s unclear if there will be more seasons after that. However, it’s safe to say that Apple isn’t relying on the series as much as it once did. Well received products like slow horses And to cut It helped boost the catalog, even if it’s still much smaller than what you’d find on competitors like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

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