Facebook is facing a backlash due to the leak of users data to Cambridge Analytica. The backlash was going on for two weeks and the campaign of #deleteFacebook is spreading like fire. To counter all these companies today announced new settings related to privacy, downloading and deletion.

These settings are already on the Facebook but now the company is making it more significant and clear for the users so that they can find and use them. Facebook has done a lot of work for the new GDPR requirements which are coming to effect in Europe.

Facebook users will able to see this changes during the next few weeks. The changes come after what CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already said and the company is not expanding the information what it collects but it is making the data collection way more clear.

The change in the settings menu is earlier a user find many pages for menu and now the same menu is located on a single screen. According to Facebook less cluttered menu is also easier to find in new Privacy Shortcuts menu.  The shortcuts include the access to protection like two-factor authentication, reviewing and deleting the private information.  Facebook says that “ this allows access to those settings in a few taps while it including clearer explanations of how our control work.”

Facebook is already allowing its users to download their information from a portal called Access Your Information which shows what information does Facebook has about you and you can delete the same. The news comes after the CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted an acknowledgment of a Facebook role in Cambridge Analytica and promises to improve the security of Facebook with respect to third-party apps.