The poisoning of schools was probably intentional

There have been repeated reports of poisoning in girls’ schools in Iran. The authorities have a motive.

After a wave of poisonings at girls’ schools in Iran, authorities believe the crimes were planned. According to the ISNA news agency, the head of the Iranian parliament’s health committee said on Sunday that the poisoning had been triggered in schools in the religious stronghold of Qom. “We must try to clarify the reasons,” said Alireza Manadi.

Officials are panicking over poisoning in several cities. A few days ago, parents protested in front of the governor’s office in Qom after several schoolgirls complained of nausea again. Iran’s Health Minister Bahram Ainollahi announced a swift investigation.

Fruit-scented wind

Activists of protests against the mullahs’ regime also report poisoning. They talk about symptoms after breathing “fruit smelling” air.

Symptoms are said to range from abdominal pain and headache to shortness of breath and numbness in the extremities. Shia extremist groups are suspected to be behind the attack. However, there is no evidence to support these allegations.

The first poisoning cases of school children were reported in November. Accordingly, one school in Qom in particular is said to have had several cases. Parents complained of no information from the authorities even after taking their children to the hospital.

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