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The PlayStation exclusivity of the Final Fantasy 7 remake has been clarified after a reporting error


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Updated at 21.31 pm: The Washington Post reporter responsible for a story claiming that Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy has been confirmed as a PlayStation console exclusive by Sony has partially retracted that statement.

Originally, the report claimed that “securing the Final Fantasy 7 trilogy as a console exclusive is a feather in PlayStation's cap,” but in a note on social media, Jin Park, a gaming reporter at The Washington Post, said I offered an explanation“It was a mistake on my part to write the sentence that way,” he wrote. Park now says: “It has not been confirmed that the entire FF7 trilogy is exclusive to Sony. The article has been edited to only mention Remake and Rebirth.”

Of course, with Remake and Rebirth still described as PlayStation console exclusives in a Washington Post report (an assertion you assume has now been very carefully managed by Sony and Square), it would be unusual for the third entry in the series to prove to be an outlier – but for now, Keep in mind that the exclusive status of the third part is still uncertain.

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Original story 8.14pm: Sony has confirmed that it has struck a deal with publisher Square Enix to make the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy exclusive to the PlayStation console.

This probably isn't a huge surprise to Xbox Series

Sony Interactive Entertainment's vice president of second- and third-party content projects and strategic initiatives, Christian Svensson, confirmed the news in a message. Washington Post report in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, saying that the partnership with Square was “mutually desirable”.

“Final Fantasy has always been one of the franchise's mainstays on PlayStation consoles,” Svensson explained, adding that Square Enix is ​​”one of the best in the business at exceeding the lofty expectations of its fans and showing what can be done with PlayStation hardware.”

Elsewhere in the article, Final Fantasy franchise producer Yoshinori Kitase discussed some of the benefits of developing for a single console, saying that the team was able to spend more time focusing on building the world of Rebirth because it was only targeting the PS5. “If it had not been on one platform,” he explained,[Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s] The world map will not be smooth, and the game design may have had to take a step back.”

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launched last week to positive critical reception — Eurogamer described it as a “full but endearing reimagining” — and trilogy director Naoki Hamaguchi told The Washington Post that he is already building a design document outlining the core elements of the trilogy's concluding installment, which will expand In the original third chapter of Final Fantasy 7. “I definitely want to address… what is probably expected from our experience with [zeppelin-like airship] “The high winds of exploring the world,” he explained.

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