The Pixel Fold was revealed in full in the star-studded Google x NBA ad [Gallery]

Ahead of the announcement at I/O 2023 tomorrow, Google released an ad featuring the NBA stars with the Pixel Fold.

Google Pixel x NBA: The Greatest Watch Party Runs for 2:37 It features multiple, high-resolution views of the Pixel Fold. This video may have been released prematurely. Google Pixel account (GooglePixel_US) I joked on a Tuesday afternoon That video is coming tomorrow, most likely after the announcement on stage.

However, it is included Link redirects to an unlisted video of the full ad.

The Pixel Fold is shown closed, opened at a 90-degree angle, and all the way around:

We see the hinge working again, with most of the Pixel Folds shown as the lightest model but there’s a brief shot of the darker model. There is a very good look at the internal display and its features edges.

The ad then shows key software experiences that highlight the foldable nature:

  • A Google Meet call (with Giannis Antetokounmpo) seamlessly switches from the external screen to the internal screen
  • When the Pixel Fold is open at a 90-degree angle, the Meet controls appear in the flat half
  • Take photos with the rear lens while the Google Camera Lens appears on the Cover Screen

You can also see a very bold orange Pixel 7a in one frame:

This year’s NBA games are being served by the Google Pixel with the brand prominently featured in the stadiums. Meanwhile, the NBA Finals will be presented by YouTube TV starting June 1 and you’ll already be watching it playing on your TV in the background.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s tweet shows MVP Joel Embiid, who is 7′ 0″, holding a Pixel Fold:


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