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The Oscars: Details of the overhauled Oscars


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Details for this next year Oscars Television broadcasts began appearing after a Wednesday meeting between the academy, studio representatives and talent advocates.

On Tuesday, several were announced Master classes will not be shown live during live TV. Instead, in an effort to offer a more streamlined and TV-friendly broadcast, eight honors will be awarded one hour before the on-camera segment, then edited later at the March 27 ceremony.

Reaction to the new look of the Oscars It was met with a strong response from the industry. Although some of the craft guilds were diplomatic, their public statements hinted at painful feelings. However, multiple sources say diverse that there are currently discussions among members of the Music Branch to call for boycott candidates, and appeal to candidates for the best original score – Nicholas Brittel (“Don’t Look for”), Jermaine Franco (“Incanto”), Johnny Greenwood (“Dog Power”) and Alberto Iglesias (” Parallel Mothers”) and Hans Zimmer (“Dunes”) – for not attending the party in protest. There are also calls for members of the board of directors and other branches to advocate for artisans in all of these categories.

Prizes to be handed out earlier in the gala are for short documentaries, film editing, makeup and hair styling, original score, production design, short animation, short live action and sound. Prizes will be handed out prior to the start of the broadcast, and edited later in the broadcast.

Seating capacity for Dolby Theatre, where is Oscars It is 3300 but in an effort to keep attendance safe, it will be reduced to around 2500.

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The standard volume of Dolby’s main orchestras normally holds around 1460, which includes Parterre. This area will be reduced to about 600, with the main level containing about 212 attendees. Says a source close to the production team diverse There will also be “decorating benches,” similar to last year’s TV broadcast, with tables and chairs to fill in. There are approximately 216 individual nominees for this year’s Academy Awards, and all of the nominees will be present with their guests, presenters, and performers at the main level. All other attendees will be seated on the mezzanine.

As in the last year, there will be intermittent arrival times for candidates, to prevent congestion and bottlenecks.

The eight classes are expected to be submitted and awarded in about 30 to 40 minutes, starting with one hour before the telecast begins. During that time, the leading A-list candidates are expected to be out of Dolby, walking the red carpet 900 feet, taking photos, and completing interviews with publications and networks.

Academy sources have stated that the eight winners’ acceptance speeches will be broadcast during the telecast, but it remains unclear whether the speeches themselves will be edited.

As previously announced, all candidates and attendees must take two PCR tests with negative results, prior to their arrival during the ceremony.

This year’s telecast will be hosted by Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes, and produced by Will Packer.

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