Google is continuously working to stop the auto-playing of unwanted videos around the web. The opening of the new tab unexpectedly is what makes every user annoyed and frustrated. Google’s Chrome 66 is due for release in mid-April 2018 and it includes a new feature that will block the noisy autoplaying of the video but it will not block the videos on the online streaming site like YouTube and Netflix whose site is made for playing videos automatically.

The new policy of Google says that there are four categories of auto-playing videos. Out of the four categories, only three categories are allowed to autoplay. The three categories are straight and it includes the silent videos which have no audio content. If the user opens a site then the video is allowed to play during that session and this also allows the videos to play on your Android phones browsers.

The fourth category which is included in Google policy is the videos that are played in the desktop browser. The sites which are used as media playback site will be allowed to autoplay some videos after the videos meet Google’s criteria. Chrome will be tracking each visit to your site and will make a record of interaction to play the video. A user must visit the site for at least 5 times so that it will qualify for auto-playing and the user must have elected “significant” video on the site for at least 70 percent. If the video playbacks drop to below 50 percent then auto playbacks will be disabled.

The main aim of the Google is to make the autoplay videos restricted to only sites that are meant for video content only.