The Nintendo Switch 14.1.1 system update is now live, here are the full patch notes

Photo: Nintendo

Nintendo just released a new firmware update for the Switch. It patches the hybrid system up to version 14.1.1.

According to Nintendo’s official support page, this latest update includes “general system stability improvements” to further enhance the user experience. Surprisingly, this was not included in the previous patch. Here are the full patch notes for version 14.1.1:

Version 14.1.1 (released April 18, 2022)

“General system stability improvements to improve the user experience.”

Nintendo Dataminer oat dome He shed some light on some of the changes taking place behind the scenes. Version 14.1.1 seems to have updated the “Bad Word List” – blocking some words in all languages ​​and different phrases in Japanese:

“[Nintendo Switch Firmware Update] Version 14.1.1 has updated the list of bad words to add the following: “sendnudes” for all languages, and various phrases that include death in katakana starting with 〜) for Japanese”

It looks like the system’s internal web browser has also been updated, but it’s not entirely clear what has been modified/changed:

This update Followed from version 14.1.0 which was released at the beginning of April and added “Platinum Points Notification Settings”. You can see the full history of Nintendo Switch updates in our guide:

Have you downloaded the latest Switch firmware update yet? Did you notice anything else? Leave a comment below.

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