The NFL’s common scouting bubble may be bursting

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Following the news that reached 155 players He will not participate in scouting exercises Because of the concept of a clumsy bubble, there is reason to believe that the forces present oscillate. good proof? The NFL is blaming the Combine, and the Combine is blaming the NFL for bubble style.

According to the league’s source, the NFL has begun to distance itself from the bubble concept, blaming the group. Dr. Allen Sells, the university’s chief medical officer, said (we are told) he was not consulted at all about the Combine bubble.

The league is now privately promoting the idea that Combine operates independently of the league and that the league does not create or enforce policies.

Pressure from a combination of factors appears to have the desired effect. The hope is that Combine will eliminate the bubble concept, so players can have full access to physical therapy and performance teams. The agents also want to move the bench test to a different day than the day of practice.

If not, players will appear on the medical side of the Combine but will interrupt the exercises.

We will see what happens. Pointing the finger between the league and the collector indicates that the bubble may burst soon.

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