The Ministry of External Affairs has warned of the risk of floods and landslides

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After severe storms and flooding, the federal Foreign Office issued a travel warning for Italy on Thursday.

ROME/BERLIN – Some politicians in Italy are talking about a stormy “apocalypse”. Violent storms and rainfall have caused chaos in the southern European country. Now the Ministry of External Affairs has also responded.

Since Thursday, May 18, the Annalena Barebox ministry has been openly warning German vacationers and travelers on its website about the effects of “extreme weather, flood and landslide risk” in Italy. In fact it says: “Due to persistent, sometimes heavy rain and severe thunderstorms, restrictions are expected across Italy”.

Severe weather in Italy: Foreign Office issues travel advice

Two regions, Emilia-Romagna and Sicily, are particularly cautious. The Emilia-Romagna region around the capital, Bologna, has been hit hardest by the floods so far. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, “there is a risk of floods and landslides in the interior of the country”. “Storm wave” warnings have been issued along the entire coast of central and southern Italy. “Many roads are impassable and there are restrictions on regional rail traffic,” the ministry said.

In the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy, more than ten thousand people living in affected areas have been evacuated and around a hundred severe landslides have been reported. Sunday’s scheduled Formula 1 race at Imola has been cancelled.

Heavy flooding in Italy – chaos after the storm

In the region, 23 rivers overflowed their banks between Tuesday and Wednesday, 36 towns and communities were flooded, and 48 local governments declared landslides. Two more bodies were found Thursday in the Ravenna region of central Italy, authorities and police said Thursday. According to media reports, they are said to be a 70-year-old farming couple who were found dead in their flooded apartment. The death toll in the floods has risen to eleven.

Devastating scenes in the city of Cesena on Tuesday afternoon.
Devastating scenes in the city of Cesena on Tuesday afternoon. © IMAGO/Bernd March

Many residents of the Emilia-Romagna region had to climb to higher floors or the roofs of their homes. According to Irene Briolo, the region’s vice president, “more than 10,000 people” were evacuated. On Thursday, Ravenna authorities ordered the immediate evacuation of three villages, Villanova de Ravenna, Filetto and Roncalcesi, after the Lamon River burst its banks. According to the Civil Defense Authority, 50,000 people living in the disaster area were without power on Wednesday. (rjs/dpa)

Transparency Note: An earlier version said the Foreign Office had issued a travel warning. not like that. This is a travel advisory aimed at drawing attention to the special situation of the site.

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